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...the new facility where the Avengers will be training is the "New Avengers" Headquarters. Which most of us know was The Avengers "B" team or if you would like "daytime girls at a gentlemens club lol". So I am hoping we do get to see the full potential this "new" team has. "Spolier Alert" now most of us comic geeks know Cap dies at the end of "Civil War" and his good old (pun intended) buddy Bucky (Winter Soldier) takes his place for a while to keep the enemies in the dark and scared because as far as they are concerned the "1st Avenger" didn't die and can still come after them. So to end my comment and answer the question I think all show for Infinity except maybe Thor (only Ragnorak will give us this answer). I am only going to add Cap not coming back because we won't know anything unless there is a clue somewhere in one of the phase 3 movies planned. I can only guess Bucky gets severely hurt or some devastating thing happens and out of nowhere BOOM Steve "CA" Rogers comes in the Nick of time to save his friend and resume the mantle. Now last but not least Tony Stark. As we all know he becomes a political figure in the comics we love and endure so during civil war War Machine takes his place or even maybe (don't shoot me for this idea) MAYBE Arno Stark (future decendant) wears the suit in the "infinity" series and that keeps Stark in civilian mode to help Avengers with planning, inventing, and figuring a way for the Avengers (new and old lol) to harness the infinity gauntlet (that is if Adam Warlock doesn't make a cameo. Well there are my answers I hope you enjoyed it!

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