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UPDATE: I have added an additional section before wrapping up this article, it brings up a point which has to be brought up and discussed !

Hey guys, this reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise was one of the most controversial and most debated topic on the internet with many being extremely vocal about how bad this unreleased movie is going to be ! But me being a life long comic book fan, I wanna dig deeper and to find out why this project is hated by many so let the games begin.

The original Fantastic Four movies sucked.

Yes Captain America was Human Torch before
Yes Captain America was Human Torch before

10 years before, 20th Century Fox released Fantastic Four and two years latter they released it's sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and it's safe to say those two movies were pretty bad and had an equally bad performance and this is somewhat a legitimate reason as to why people would distrust this rebooted movie of the same IP and studio, but this is not the main reason there are other and more illogical ones, so let's discuss that.

Marvel Fanboys will hate even Marvel properties that are not from Marvel Studios.

No offense to the Marvel fans community as a whole but I am talking about a sub group who are irrational and goat minded and just loves to hate everything that is NOT from Marvel Studios.

This bunch of losers, they try way too hard to bash Marvel movies from Fox Studios in an attempt to bring those movies down but history has proven that these people fail miserably at the one job they are trying to do, I am talking about X-Men First Class and X-Men Days of Future Past here..

Disney has an equally dark agenda of theirs.

Well Marvel sold the rights of some it's properties to movie studios as they went bankrupt and after Disney's acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, Disney wanted all of those properties back but hey they cannot be simply brought back right, so Disney had it's fair share of clever/evil manipulation where they reduced the sales and creation of comic books and merchandises for X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider Man and almost stopped it and this lead to the fall of fan following for these properties as there was nothing to build the fan base and hence it was easy to manipulate the fans who were previously fan of these properties. Don't believe me ? maybe you can take a look at these official Marvel Universe posters over the years.

Poster for the year 2005
Poster for the year 2005
Poster for the year 2013
Poster for the year 2013
Poster for the year 2015
Poster for the year 2015

This is just an example of how Disney wanted to destroy the properties which they didn't have in order to get the rights back but why I am telling all this ?

Well if Disney can do all of this, buying some fake and bad mouthing reviews aren't out of their reach right and hence 20th Century Fox cleverly put an embargo on this movie that will open only after 4th of August, just 2 days before the movie's release.

Why Fantastic Four (2015) might turn out to be a good movie

20th Century Fox decided to do a whole month of reshoot with a refreshed 30 to 40 pages of new script just to make the movie better and the studios sacrificed the 3D ticket price to make a better movie (by putting the 3D post conversion budget for reshoots), also the trailers and TV spots released so far have been surprisingly good so this movie can turn out to be great and surprise people just like how X-men Days of Future Past and X-Men First Class surprised people before.

But hey this there's no saying, this movie can turn out to be an utter mess but at least the people back at 20th Century Fox have found a strong footing on how to steer this franchise forward and they have an amazing cast, director and script writer for this movie so let's give it a try.

Conspiracy or Am I drunk ?

Guys so reviews have come out and the so called Hollywood standard "Rotten Tomato" rates this movie at an unbelievable and all time low of 14% and Metacritic rates this movie at 29%. This is extremely unbelievable as the original Fantastic Four was rated at 27% and it's sequel was rated at 37% at Rotten Tomato and Metacritic rated the original Fantastic Four at 40% and it's sequel at 45% but the those two movies officially sucked and I cannot imagine this rebooted movie to be worse than that !

So this is where this conspiracy come into play, so I said Disney wants the rights for Fantastic Four and X-Men back right, but there's literally no way for Disney to have the rights for X-Men based properties back, considering how well those movies are doing but Fantastic Four was always this damaged property that needed a stable and qualitative revitalization and now Fox Studios are trying to revitalize this franchise and thus this is the best time for Disney to strike and achieve what they want.

One may ask why would Disney/Marvel do this ? Well it's a well known fact that Disney/Marvel wants the cosmic/galactic type properties like Galactus, Kang, Silver Surfer, Skrulls and similar characters back so badly for their franchise and all of these properties are tied with Fantastic Four IP and not X-Men IP ! and there you guys the loose ends have been tied up, so do you think this is the case or am I just a fool ? speculate below in the comments.

Wrapping Up

To anyone who has read this article, I would like to say one thing, don't believe the gossips/chatters online go see the movie for yourself and draw your own conclusions or wait till 7th of August to read my unbiased and honest review on this movie.


What do you think about this movie.


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