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When marvel first had the avengers on the big screen in 2012, lots of fans been wanting the ketch phrase of the avengers always say before a battle start "' avengers assemble! So we been waiting for the age of ultron to come out and we been waiting for someone to say it fans been wanting to hear this for a long time and now they can get their wish for the 1st time.

Clevver movies even said they wanted to hear avengers assemble, but they wanted to hear in avengers infinity war, we know that will not mostly likely happen since infinity war is not like an avenger movie but more like an ultimate alliance movie but captain America civil war is more like another avenger movie so avengers assemble will be mentioned in the captain America film.

The phrase was uttered at the end of age of ultron if you must know so hopefully taken place in the film, captain America the captain of the avengers leading this new team of avengers fighting against hydra most likely captain America will yell out avengers assemble before they they are, out of two avengers movie and we didn't get it but now we do.

Captain America:civil war is taken place right after avengers age of ultron when Captain America leads a new team of avengers into fight against hydra when governments look at the hero's for damage around the world causes the superheroes to see the critical damage while protecting the world from a new villain, captain America civil war opens up in theaters on May 6 2016 .

Usually the villains will be getting scared when they hear the avengers are saying assemble

All the avengers who gonna be in it is Chris Evans Captain America of course, Robert Downey Jr as iron man, William Hurt as red hulk, scarlet johansson as black widow Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Elizabeth Olsen as scarlet witch, Don Cheadle as war machine Anthony Mackie as the falcon, Paul bettany as vision, Chadwick Bozeman as black panther, ant man Paul Rudd and Tom Holland as the amazing Spider-Man. And the villain baron zemo played by Daniel bruile. And with talks with marvel president Kevin fiegi and the directors Joe and Anthony Russo said avengers assemble will be mentioned in Captain America civil war and you probably already knew it would of been said in captain America civil war since Steve Rodgers almost said at the end of age of ultron. And more ketch phases need to mention like it's your friendly neighborhood Spiderman and more hulk smash in future movies, captain America civil war is already shooting And a trailer probably won't hit til December 2015 most likely seeing the star wars movie a bout that time, captain America civil will also lead into the infinity war civil war and Thor ragnorok, to all the comic book fans are getting more excited to see this movie.

Even though in avengers age of ultron poster said assemble in 2015 which triggered fans mind and thought, in the comics avengers couldn't even have dinner without saying avengers assembl, even though might get kinda annoying but it catch on in captain America civil war. So avengers assemble is gonna be mentioned in captain America civil war what do you think about are you getting excited to see captain America civil war or do you think they should not say it at all are you ready to see the avengers use their ketch phase, please tell me what you think , ant man now playing

Captain America civil war may 6 2016

Doctor strange July 2016

Guardians 2017

Spiderman July 28 2017

Thorragnorok November2017

Infinity war 2018

Black panther 2018

Captain marvel 2018

Infinity war 2019

But while the United states of America is at civil war no one will be saying avengers assemble but what do you think of avengers assemble mentioned in Captain America civil war how would you like that might be a silly question to ask especially comic book fans but what do you think comment below let me know and their more movie news coming up this way.


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