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We've been covering the ongoing feud between Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE's Stardust (also known as Cody Rhodes) for some time now, and it looks as though the rivalry is about to reach a new peak.

After a particularly ugly call-out from Stardust, in which the wrestler parodied Arrow's generous use of the phrase "this city" while taunting his in-ring rival, Amell decided that he'd had just about enough.

Not long after, Amell shared his disapproval on social media, citing the imitation of the line:

The WWE then confirmed the next meeting between Stardust and Amell at RAW, though it's unclear whether or not this will be the last meeting between the two, and there's no specification on whether they'll be fighting. Amell has stated before that he'd love to host RAW, so he may very well be filling that role.

Previously, the newfound rivals had called each other out for a match during SummerSlam, so this may end up being the set-up for that match if nothing happens on the upcoming RAW.


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