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The massive success of Attack on Titan (titled 'Shingeki no Kyojin in Japan) has spawned two upcoming films, a touring escape course, spin-off comics, a live-action television mini-series, and now, a second video game. Following the May release of the 3DS game titled Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, it seems as though the franchise is looking to expand further to console-based games, teasing a new title for an unspecified Playstation console.

While we're in the midst of Gamescom, which is taking place right now in Cologne, Germany, Koei TECMO -- known for their Dynasty Warriors franchise -- created a suspicious website that has been teasing fans for the past week.

After the website indicated that this was not, in fact, another Dynasty Warriors game, Anime News Network dug deeper and found that the upcoming wraparound for Attack on Titan Volume 17 includes a description for an upcoming video game:

The wraparound jacket band on Hajime Isayama's 17th Attack on Titan manga volume is announcing on Friday that KOEI Tecmo is working on an Attack on Titan game for a "PlayStation" platform or platforms this winter. The ad does not specify which platform, but it features a QR code that leads to the URL.

Putting the puzzle pieces together, ANN (and several fans) have come to the conclusion that this particular game is none other than the next Attack on Titan video game. With Koei TECMO behind it, the immediate assumption is that the game will feature an open melee platform, allowing players to take Titans head-on without turn-based gameplay. The game will likely release on Playstation 4, giving it console-based exclusivity if that does turn out to be the case.

The countdown for the site ends on August 5th in Japan -- which is right now, if you're counting -- so make sure to check it for updates.


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