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Hello all! I haven't written in a while so forgive me! So today I bring news for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, arguably the most anticipated film of 2016. A couple weeks ago, we were blessed with the Comic-Con footage from BvS's panel, and boy did it excite me! It was probably the best trailer I had seen the whole year ( besides Suicide Squad). I've watched this trailer probably a billion times, so I'm going to do a small dissection of inportant things I saw in the trailer.

1.) The Joker will definitely have a presence

I saw plenty of things that hinted at The Joker being an established character in the DCCU in the trailer. First off, the shrine to Robin in the Batcave.

This is Robin's suit in Bruce Wayne's Batcave. Now, judging by the seemingly maniacal handwriting and the inclusion of the word "joke" some people believe it is Joker. However, I have some proof that it definitely is him. Look at Zack Snyders tweet when the first official image of Leto's Joker was released.

Look familiar? Also, take a look at this image.

This looks like The Joker's handwriting. Also, see that envelope in the back? I'm guessing this newspaper came in that. You know what that means? I think Joker knows that Bruce is Batman and is taunting him after the Metropolis incident.

2.) Lex has some pretty powerful toys!

Yeah, we got our first footage of Lex Luthor during the new trailer, which was pretty awesome. We got some pretty cool info also! First off, it is revealed that Lex is in possession of General Zods corpse. This could mean a whole bunch of things, but my guess is that the rumors of Zods body being used by Lex to create Doomsday are real! Also, Lex has his hands on a certain green glowing rock!

Yep! Lex Luthor has been confirmed to be in possession of Kryptonite, Superman's sole weakness! I expect this to be used as some sort of manipulation of Superman in the film.


Yep, we got our first look at Wonder Woman in action, along with a couple shots of her alter ego Diana Prince. Originally, Wonder Woman wasn't supposed to have a large role in the film. However, it now seems like she is going to get her hands dirty and fight with Batman and Superman in the climax (hopefully against Doomsday!) It is important to note that Wonder Woman will encounter Bruce Wayne also, not just Batman.

4.) Ben Affleck's Batman seems crazy.

Well this is probably what I'm looking forward to the most. I feel like Ben Affleck's has the perfect physique to play Batman and looks a lot like Bruce Wayne. Along with that, he is playing a grizzled, older Batman. Through some of the footage, he is pretty good in combat. However, it also looks like he is losing his style of apprehending. In the comics and previous movies, he is known to not kill (besides Michael Keaton's Batman). However, Affleck's Batman looks extremely brutal. In one shot of the trailer, it shows a criminal tied up with a Batman brand on his left pectoral muscle. This brutality hasn't necessarily been seen in movies before. Also, there is a strange shot in the trailer that intrigues me as Batman fights a group of soldiers in a desert.

This doesn't look too bad here. Let's advance a few frames.

Ouch. It looks as if Batman breaks this soldiers neck. These are the soldiers who are deployed for Superman. Not much is known about their role or who deployed them, but they look to be important.

5.) Batman and Superman may fight more than once!

So, obviously with the title of the movie being Batman v Superman, it was implied there would be some type of fight. We have already seen pictures and footage of Batman in his mech-suit battling the Man of Steel in the rain.

However, I believe these two will have at least THREE standoffs. One is obviously here, and the other two may be interesting. So, at the end of this trailer, we got a shot of Superman tearing open the Batmobile and Batman standing up and looking him straight in the eyes. Not gonna lie, I wet myself a little.

However, the next one is a no-brainier, yet nobody has said anything about it. We get a shot of Superman in the desert with his soldiers. We also get a clip of Batman fighting said soldiers in a similar environment. Superman is probably gonna be there. So expect Superman glare down Batman in his Desert Suit.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!


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