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Have you ever imagined what Pokemon would look like if they are real? Ever also wondered on how to draw Pokemon on your own? Arvalis, the talented artist behind realistic Pokemon fan art has helped us to visualise what Pokemon would look like if they are real. What is more amazing, he also shares videos on how to draw them with us!

Here are three videos on how to draw our favorite, realistic Pokemon starring Charizard, Venusaur & Blastoise! Watch them and be amazed!

Realistic Pokemon: Charizard

Look at all the details... Arvalis took only 12 hours to complete this...

Realistic Pokemon: Venusaur

15 hours of sketching, drawing and coloring in 16 minutes...

Realistic Pokemon: Blastoise

Another beautiful artwork completed in 15 hours... Can't believe this is possible?! Wow.. I really wish these creatures were real! T_T

The artist of these artworks is so creative and talented! You can watch more of his videos on Youtube channel, here! Subscribe to him to show your support!

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