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"Child 44" is a drama directed by Daniel Espinosa. It stars Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Paddy Considine, Jason Clarke and Vincent Cassel. The MPAA rating is R for violence, some disturbing images, language and a scene of sexuality and the running time is 137 minutes. The film's budget is 50 million and the film's revenue is 3,3 million. A big bomb.

BEFORE THE MOVIE: Despite it's big box office bomb and terrible reviews, I am really looking forward to watch "Child 44". It looks amazing from the trailers! It looks so suspensful and will probably have me on the edge of my seat! I hope! Fingers crossed I like it!

AFTER THE MOVIE: Well, I think it's finally safe to say that this was the most disappointing film of the year so far. I honestly couldn't believe it was THAT BAD! You wanna know something? It is! The cast is STAR STUDDED! So I hoped at least some quality acting from Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman, they brought none of that to the table with terrible Tommy Wiseau russian accents. I was actually surprised that Gary Oldman was bad in this film. I actually liked him in "Paranoia", even though the rest of the movie was horrible. But in this film, he looked bored out of his face and looked like he was in this film for the money. Did I forgot to mention how bad Joel Kinnaman is? I hope he will NEVER EVER EVER EVER play a bad guy ANYMORE (Even though he's playing Rick Flag in Suicide Squad). At 137 minutes of runtime, the movie is boring as hell and uninteresting the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME! I paused this movie 10-15 to take a break (So it took me at least 160 minutes to finish it, I literally wanted to give up). Halfway through the film, I had a really throbbing headache with all of the terrible writing and acting and YELLING! So I decided to take a walk. I checked my watch 100 times and BEGGED for this movie to end. But it kept going and going and going and going until it was finally finished. And I couldn't believe it when it was finished. The action scenes feel cheap and poorly lit. The editing is choppy and messy. The blood squibs look fake. Basically, nothing works. All I'm trying to say here is for you to be a good citizen, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!

SKIP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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