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We all have are most hated and annoyed animatronics that were hard or Keep Laughing away when they have your batteries, Or they weren't that scary. Now here's the Top 5 worst animatronics.

5. Toy Bonnie

Not Really that Scary but just creepy. His Jumpscare is just creepy and even when they are in the vents and you put the mask on. You can see him going back to back making you creepy out.

4. Toy Chica

She is Not really scary, but she has so much fanfiction and art of her. "Now That Chica is a girly girl". It Looks creepy without her beak and real eyes. Plus Chica Looks like a smiley face. :) :)

3. Toy Freddy

"Hey everybody Its Freddy Fazbear". Now mostly Freddy is the Hardest Animatronic because he comes in at night four, he has little minions which make you distracted and you have to keep the light on him. He will walk in your office and you have to be quick. But Toy Freddy is not that scary and his Jumpscare isn't Scary. But we all love Freddy Fazbear.

2. withered foxy

Now You might be why foxy? is because he is a pain!!!! you can't do anything when foxy is here. You have to flicker at him. He won't let you Wind up the music box. If Ballon boy is there guess who comes Foxy!!! If mangle is up in the ceiling who comes in...Foxy!!!! Foxy is just a pain.

1. Balloon Boy

Everyone's Favorite Animatronic!!!!! BB he is just annoying when he takes your batteries. He just laughs and you have to wait until you died. Just sitting there laughing at you. But He is always in the vents waiting for your batteries without batteries there's a Foxy.


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