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Figuring it out

I think the best part of going to see a movie is before the movie starts. The movie watching portion of the evening is amazing, but before the movie begins I get this feeling. I don't know what's coming or what's going to happen, but I'm excited. In life I get so worried about things that haven't happened or that I don't know what will come and I psych myself out, but when I'm in front of that screen I know that whatever happens I don't have to worry and I love that. Those two hours are complete bliss. When it comes to an end and I slowly walk out the exit, waiting for a surprise ending after the credits. They say that as you get older you lose the little imagination you had left over from your childhood, but I still find myself able to be taken under the spell of many things. I am still able to laugh, I can still let my imagination run wild. The way I choose what movie to watch is like most people. I watch the trailer, but the trailer has to go through a special process. If at anytime of the trailer I get goosebumps, I know that it's a movie I need to see. Seems kind of dumb doesn't it? But for me it always works. Every time I watch the same trailer that gave me that goose-bumpy feeling I know that during the movie I'm going to have the exact same feeling and that's what I want in a movie.

Does this make sense to anyone?

How do you guys choose?

What movies give you guys that goose-bumpy feeling?


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