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I wake up knowing that today is my birthday, and. as a half human, half vampire I have reached my 7th year, and I am now fully grown, and belong to Jacob who imprinted on me upon my birth. He is a major part of my life. Aunt Alice has prepared an amazing celebration for all of our family and friends, all of those who stood as my witness to the Votari, and would have died for me so long ago against them. Our vampire family has gotten even larger since my family and Jacob's stood up to the Voltaris. My parents, Bella and Edward says, those that join with us now as family seek protection from the Voltaris. I am Renesme, daughter of a once human Bella and a 100 year old vampire, Edward Callens. I feel uncomfortable as if foreboding that something evil and wrong is about to happen. This is my 7th year, that I will reach my majority.

Aunt Alice say the Voltaris are coming again to see what has become of me., but I feel it is more than that. I see Aero in my mind, and how obsessed he is with the Cullen's clan, and all of the vampires who have joined Carlisle's family. He does like it, and would start a war to distroy is. I don't want to tell my parents, but I must do so to forewarned everyone to prepare for what's to come.

The Voltaris want me to marry into their clan, to unite our clans under Areo's rule. He will not understand That I belong to Jacob.

The Voltaris will will arrive by night fall, prepared for a wedding on this, my birthday. I don't want my family to fight over me, so I must leave with Jacob before everyone arrives. But I know Jacob and the packs will want to fight. My parents nor grandparents know of my New ability, no one knows because it is too devastating to thinking about. This gift, as my father would call it is evil, and too destructive. for anyone to use. What am I going to do? I should have told them about this gift, and I would not have practice in secret these few years. How can I tell them that I can distroy a vampire with just a thought. Areo and the others are coming because none of the spys. he has sent to spy on us has ever returned. I inherited my father's ability to reminds and I can also block his reading my mind, and I controlled the minds of all the vampires who was sent to spy on us from him too. My powers are so developed now, I am afraid I May hurt those I love too.


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