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Iron Man to the end
Stefan Watts

Ok so we are well and truly in phase 3 of MCU

So many fan theories have been made since 2008 combining all marvel films together, and these theories are based on both comic books and scriptwriters approach involving all the beloved heroes. So as you can guess I'm a big fan of Marvel and all it heroes, so here is my theory or what if =

Death )

I'm only picking up on this from reading another person's theory recently, but it's got me thinking who the hell is the overall winner when all is said and done. Is it Thanos ? Apocalypse ? The Avengers ? Or even the Xmen ? No the real winner is Death, why ? Cause of number of reasons including

Thanos making reference to death in the first Avenger film

In Captain America the Winter Soldier our favourite captain is seen wearing a black hood when sneaking into the hospital where Nick Fury fakes his death

In Iron Man 3 Mr Tony Stark wears a black hoodie simular to the hoodie worn by Captain America mentioned above,

And for my last evidence in Thor The Dark World, when Thor's mother died he wears a black hood. Out of respect or to symbolise more deaths to come ?

All these evidences add to my theory that you cannot kill what is already dead, but to become more powerful you need a new form. Does this mean that Death hid inside Captain America, Iron Man and Thor to avoid detection ? And that with the Infinity Gauntlet will Thanos call apon Death as well to destroy the Avengers ? But does this also mean that Death will turn on Thanos once the Avengers are gone ? Now for the what if I'm talking about

What if Death is the Chess Master and both heroes and villains are just simply pawns to amuse Death ?

Think about it and you realise that every time the Avengers win, a new and more powerful villain emerges from out of nowhere to challenge the world's greatest heroes to make Death happy, cause death take lives to be stronger than ever so what if every decision, every action taken by our heroes were fix points in time to lead the Avengers to a final showdown with Death. ( let not forget that Death is a lady who will seriously kick butt ) so expect fireworks when she finally hits the big screen

What do you think ? Will Death be the downfall of our saviours or will she crumble ?

Let me know your thoughts on the lady of the night

Thanks for reading peace out.


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