ByEric Jimenez, writer at

Ever since the DEADPOOL film was officially announced, the Fox Marketing department, as well as star Ryan Reynolds have wet fans appetites with various pictures, twitter posts and videos. They have capitalized on the characters irreverent tone and self awareness with these posts and have given us the Merc with a mouth that we've been clamoring for ever since his atrocious debut in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. It has also given the uninitiated an idea of the kind of movie that they'll be in for come February 2016. The beauty of the campaign is the way that the Marketing department utilizes various important occasions. Whether it be announcing the films rating in a hilarious April Fools video or posting a funny picture on Mother's Day, they know when is the right time to give a sneak peak of the tone of the film through a proper piece of viral marketing. It doesn't over saturate the internet with it's presence, but it does let us know that it exists and will be coming to us in due time. I don't remember a marketing campaign for a film that has been this spot on and perfect for it's project. It is a campaign that I believe will go down in history as the best film Marketing campaign ever! But that's just my opinion. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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