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I'm ready for the second part of the current season of this show.

When I started watching Young & Hungry on Netflix last June I was looking for something goofy and familiar to bright up the end of a weird day. I remembered Emily Osment from her seasons a Miley’s best friend in “Hannah Montana” and I remembered she was a talented girl for comedy.

I enjoy the taste.

The pilot episode is goofy as it is yummy.

Gaby (played by Osment) is a young college dropout with talent for cooking, in her words; she wants to be the next Julia Child. And the first step is to get the recognition of being an actual chef. Gaby interviews for Josh Kaminski, a high profile IT millionaire who needs a personal chef to feed him breakfast, lunch and dinner. Josh (played by…) is goofy and smart but also sweet and rational. He is not quite the normal IT guy, but he is quite the guy.

Josh is to be engaged to his girlfriend, beautiful and cold Caroline, and Gaby’s trial for the position is to cook the engagement dinner. She succeeds, but the proposal fails. Caroline breaks up with Josh before he has a chance to pop the question, and she does it over the phone. With her new job on the line Gaby does what any other desperate young person would do, he begs his potential employer to try the dinner, and Josh enjoys it.

Because Josh didn’t wanted to eat alone, so he and Gaby end up drinking, enjoying the food and finally … they get carried away with the dessert. Next morning they are both in bed naked.

Everyone read this career advice 101. It is pretty simple. Never sleep with your boss!

Gaby thinks the jobs is gone, but Josh is a rational man, he knows it was a mistake, and Caroline actually came back to apologize, giving Josh a chance to propose and leave the “Gaby incident” under the table. This, however makes it for a wonderful comedic plot.

Season one in one bite

Will the chef and the boss finally get together? Is it not obvious to Josh that Gaby is crushing hard on him? Will Josh marry Caroline?

Many things happened in the first season, but Gaby and Josh don’t get together. He does call off his wedding, but by that time she already has a new IT genius in her life. so even when in the final episode of season one, Josh gets to Gaby's apartment "a la Pretty Woman" ready to confess his love, but he finds her kissing Cooper who had taken a job in China, but came back for her. Josh lets her go and never confesses that he called off his wedding for her.

Season two part one is an appetizer

While in the first half of season two is good, is just the beginning part of a full course meal. Is easy to digest, but doesn't fill you or keeps you satisfied. Gaby and Cooper are together, but Josh has feelings for Gaby. Will he confess them to her?

Gaby finds out in season two, but she also finds out that he made everyone lie to her in order to keep his feelings a secret.

In the final episode of part A of season two, Gaby is faced with the decision of starting something with Josh, or get on a plane to Switzerland to intern for a talented Chef for six months. She chooses her dream to become a Chef. And I think this is a wonderful example of what a smart decision for a young girl is.

A woman value is not related to the person she dates, engages or marries, but by her decisions. Everyone makes its own path, and sometimes you have to decide what will make you a better, stronger and smarter person, even if it means saying goodbye to the people you love for a while.

Gaby will be back in the US this August 19th, and we will enjoy the final episodes of the second season of Young & Hungry. But will Josh and Gaby enjoy a happily ever after? That is still a problem that no computer algorithm will be able to solve just yet.

However, we will be ready to see it and delight in it.


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