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Ever since the official word came out that the next entry in the Halloween series will be a recalibrated sequel that follows the first two original films, many fans couldn't be more excited to see Michael Myers make his return to theaters next year. What many may not know is that Platinum Dunes was on board to produce the new film with Dimension and was given a pitch by Marvel Studios' head storyboard artist and animatics supervisor, Federico D'Alessandro, to show what direction they would go with the franchise. Here is concept art from D'Alessandro's pitched Halloween project:

It's not made clear who the woman stabbing Michael is, but it's likely that they were going to bring back the home invasion theme from the original 1978 film, with Michael stalking a babysitter and her friends on Halloween night.

After viewing the first photo, it's heavily implied that the unnamed woman managed to seemingly kill Michael and escape, after her house was set on fire from an unexplained cause.

Judging from the point of view, it seems that the two unnamed characters talking to each other at a Halloween party were likely main characters in the new film, with Michael stalking them. It's also likely that the decapitated head of a woman Michael is holding was either a bystander or a friend of the two seen above.

Looking at the clothing, it seems the unnamed woman is the same character from the first two photos. It's highly likely that after she left the burning house it began to rain, which would then show Michael escape the house leading to an intense chase in a cemetery.

Just by looking at the four artworks, it looks as if Platinum Dunes was planning on giving the series a more dark and gritty approach, similar to what they did with other reboots such as 2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2009's Friday The 13th, and 2010's A Nightmare On Elm Street, which they had also produced.

Here is also a video of an animated storyboard pitch from D'Alessandro himself with his take on what direction the Halloween reboot could go in:

After watching D'Alessandro's pitch, it looks like Platinum Dunes would have broken new ground for the franchise and brought in some new elements that haven't been seen before in the series. The scene in which rookie officer Natalie enters the sanitarium was an intense sequence, especially with the POV shots as well as the score used in the pitch. If Platinum Dunes' Halloween had moved forward, it would have broken new ground for the franchise. Much like the reboots mentioned, it's likely that Platinum Dunes would have reintroduced Michael as an even more mysterious and unstoppable brute force killer. It's also likely they would have given audiences a brief origin story, with Michael murdering his sister Judith before going ahead years later and reintroducing a dark and gritty "Home Invasion" plot theme that made the 1978 original terrifying. It's more than likely that if Platinum Dunes were involved then Michael Bay would also be involved, having produced the three reboots mentioned, along with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. It would have been interesting to see what new grounds Platinum Dunes could have broken to give a fresh new start for the franchise. Even though the planned reboot won't be happening, a recalibrated sequel titled Halloween Returns is in production and will begin filming this October, slated for a Fall 2016 release.


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