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This is only the second ever movie in the Dragonball anime/manga universe I have ever seen in theater before so I may not be as hyper about it as other long term otakus I know.

Now before anyone asks who is Frieza, either you never saw Seasons 2-4 of Dragonball Z or never saw the movies "Bardok: Father of Goku" "Cooler's Revenge" "Fusion Reborn" or saw the illfated second to last story arc of Dragon Ball Gt where Goku is trapped in Heil fighting his oldest and deadliest final story arc Dragon Ball Z era enemies only.

But enough spoilers from past shows and onto the main meat of this article.

Following the permanent death of Frieza and the death of his tyrannical father King Cold, their endless empire faded fully into obscurity without them or Cooler around to run roughshod. In the over ten years since Namek was first destroyed and Frieza turned into a cyborg and even quicker dismantled by Trunks, space has been a much safer location for all planets formerly terrorized. However for those who still remained loyal to this empire, times grew tough as multiple planets stopped being terrorized and instead sought freedom. By the time Goku and Vegeta had defeated Beerus, the empire in question was honestly only a memory and too many soldiers in it spent their time quelling rebellions then trying to seek out Goku and his allies for revenge.

As the movie begins, you find yourself watching a gathering of stuffed animals and dolls and pixies in a forest singing, dancing and having fun. Inwardly my thought first turned to toys like "Raggedy Anne" and "Teddy Ruxpin" which shows when I grew up hopefully but I did not say this aloud for fear of upsetting any otakus there. (There my personal private confession is out.)

A pair of faeries/ pixies flies up to a cocoon hanging from the tree everyone is having fun around. It turns around and you see the very familiar face of one stressed out Frieza. Hey if I had to endure happiness and I was pure evil, I might be stressed out too after over a decade of craziness this way.

Scarcely has this scene ended then the opening title scene begins to roll and you find the other main villain named Sorben on his spaceship (cloned from Frieza and King Cold's design no doubt) and from there as they say the rest is history.

For those who are true Dragonball lovers, this movie has an anime/ manga crossover with a different but new series which brings up the nostalgia of in Dragonball when Goku visits a mysterious village where there is a doctor and a robot which where from a different manga by the same writer. But the new anime has ties to the origins of Dragonball and for more info I give you this.

Final spoiler alert is that Beerus and Whis accidentally reveal while Goku and Vegeta are fighting Frieza in his golden Form that they told him to destroy Planet Vegeta so you see if not for them there would not have been a need for Raditz to come after Goku in the very first place. Well played indeed!


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