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Well. That really was something. The Deadpool trailer was just released and it was everything it promised to be. Mixing the R-rated humour we've been waiting for with a few throwbacks to the test footage, as well as the obligatory breaking of the fourth wall, this trailer allows us to rest assured that this film will indeed give us the Deadpool we've been waiting for. So here's a few things I picked out from the trailer.

Deadpool and Copycat are together

At least, Wade Wilson and Vanessa Carlysle are before Wade's transformation into Deadpool. In the first line of the trailer, Morena Baccarin's Vanessa professes "I love you, Wade Wilson". Now, this is a fairly obvious thing to note, but I picked it out because of the implications it could have on the plot. What happens if/when Vanessa gets her powers? And what if one of Wade's future contracts is to take out Vanessa? This relationship could provide a few plot points both in this film, and in any possible future Deadpool movies/appearences in the X-Men universe.

The Fourth Wall comes tumbling down

"Please don't make the super-suit green. Or animated." This is obviously a shot fired at Ryan Reynolds' other superhero outing in 2011's Green Lantern, where Reynolds' costume was both green and animated, and also a nod to the fact that the Deadpool costume for this film was 100% real. With the trailer trailer taking a shot at X-Men Origins: Wolverine ("From the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time"), it's clear that this film sets out to both proclaim and prove that this is the role that Reynolds was born to play.

The test footage is (pretty much) included

As I'm sure everyone knows, test footage for the film was leaked online last year. The overwhelmingly positive response was a major factor in this movie being greenlit, and it wasn't just shot for a test. The footage is recreated here, albeit with a few differences. A different song plays while Deadpool sits on the bridge colouring, and his remarks about his red suit and the thug's brown pants are made to the characters rather than the audience. However, the inclusion of the footage that could so easily have ended up being discarded as 'just a test' shows just how important it was in getting this movie made.

Shit gets real

Still not convinced that this is our Deadpool? Well, the action sequence following the test footage scenes should put your mind at rest. The rest of the trailer is pretty much guns, swords, and all-round awesome! Deadpool's marksman skills and swordsmanship are a blood-soaked joy to watch, and it's just what we want to see: gory. They didn't hold back on the blood in this one, and given that this is 2:54 of a a 2 hour (ish) film, we've got plenty to look forward to.

The healing factor is just like the comics

You know that panel where Deadpool gets speared by an elephant's tusk and remarks "Gross, my body's never gone sploorp before"? It looks like Deadpool's injuries will be just as useful here as a source of humour.

(Oh, and here's that panel)


Okay, so I know Tom Holland's Spider-Man isn't going to be anywhere near the Deadpool movie, but this rewording of Uncle Ben's famous phrase is a nice tie-in to Wade's team ups with Spidey that are becoming ever more frequent in the comics, with them both being featured in Uncanny Avengers and sharing a title together (Spider-Man/Deadpool) in the new Marvel universe post-Secret Wars. And hey, if they can reference Warner Bros' Green Lantern, who's to say that your friendly neighbourhood Deadpool can't give Spider-Man a mention too?

Future X-Men appearances?

This movie is full of X-Men characters, even if they haven't shown up in the main series movies yet (with Colossus being the exception). This hints that Reynolds may not be done with the Merc With a Mouth after this solo outing, and could potentially show up in future X-Men movies. Who wouldn't love to see Deadpool mix it up with Wolverine in Hugh Jackman's last hurrah with the claws in Wolverine III? Perhaps he can even address his former Weapon XI self.

The suit does come off

So we will be getting a look at Wade outside the costume, and the make-up department has done a good job making Reynolds look pretty close to the comic version of Deadpool. While he has a luscious moustache and flowing blond locks in his Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars comic right now, this look is what we need from this movie.

He's pretty pleased with his movie

"I'm touching myself tonight." The words of a satisfied Deadpool after killing three men with one expertly placed bullet to the head. If Deadpool's pleased with the job he's done in his movie, then it seems like we will be too.

So there you have it. Some select moments from almost 3 minutes of pure orgasmic Deadpool awesomeness. Leave your favourite parts of the trailer in the comments, and watch the trailer as many times as necessary below.


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