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Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the red carpet for the premiere of Fox's new Fantastic 4 at Williamsburg Cinema in Brooklyn! This is the third time Moviepilot has sent me out to a red carpet and I couldn't be more grateful! Previously I have gone to the red carpet for Kingsman: The Secret Service and Chappie.

Each time I go to the red carpet for a movie premiere, I interview some of the stars on their way to see the final product of their movie, just days before they are released across cinemas all around the country. This time was no exception as I got to interview Michael B Jordan (Human Torch aka Johnny Storm), Jamie Bell (The Thing aka Ben Grimm), and Owen Judge (Young Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic)! Being such a major comic book fan, it was a real dream come true to be on the red carpet for a big Hollywood superhero movie!

Michael B Jordan and I chatting it up!!
Michael B Jordan and I chatting it up!!

I asked Michael B Jordan if he was ever on fire to make this movie, to which he replied...

No, insurance wouldn't allow it. I had three special effect suits for this movie. A light suit, a practical suit like the one in the movie poster, and one where I was...pretty much naked.
-Michael B Jordan

Well ladies, if you're going to go to see Fantastic 4 this weekend...just know Michael B Jordan is naked for a lot of the behind the scenes! It was also 94 degrees on the carpet, but we determined that he wasn't sweating because of his new heat resistant super powers.

Owen Judge plays young and inventive Reed Richards
Owen Judge plays young and inventive Reed Richards
My favorite superhero was Spider-Man, but now it has to be Mr Fantastic.
-Owen Judge

Owen Judge, who plays a young Reed Richards in the film, reveals that his favorite superhero has now changed from Spider-Man to Mr Fantastic since playing him in the movie. This was Owen Judge's first big film, having only acted in a few college level productions until now.

He was excited to be playing a superhero/genius character like Mr Fantastic and couldn't wait to see the movie in its final form! His whole family was there too to support the young actor! Keep a look out for Owen Judge in the future!

Talking to Jamie Bell about FF's production
Talking to Jamie Bell about FF's production

I also got to speak to Jamie Bell, who's playing The Thing aka Ben Grimm. We spoke about what it was like to do the motion capture for such a large character. I also asked him if his character ever says his well known catchphrase "ITS CLOBBERIN' TIME" in the film. He said...

You're gonna have to go see the movie...*winks/smirks*
-Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell you cheeky superhero you! I guess we'll just have to wait until August 7th to find out!

See Fantastic 4 in theaters this Friday!

Stay tuned in also for the full video of my red carpet interviews coming this Friday as well! Its going to be... FANTASTIC!

I had a blast on the red carpet for FF! Thanks again to Moviepilot for sending me!


Are you going to see the new Fantastic 4 movie!?


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