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So over the past few years we have gotten some pretty cool superhero movie trailers. I'll give you guys my top 10.

#1 The Incredible Hulk

So I chose the Incredible Hulk for a couple of reasons. The first is because of the tone this trailer brings. We can see that it's much more serious film than the first Hulk film. The seconds reason being because of how the Hulk is portrayed. In this trailer we see a much angrier, stronger, and more brutal Hulk.

#2 Iron Man 2

So Iron Man 2 had a great trailer despite the actual movie not being as good. In this trailer we see a deadlier villain, new suit, and even what looks like the death of Tony Stark. A sort of misleading trailer but it got everyone excited for sure.

#3 Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3's trailer was very nerve wrecking. We saw what looked like one of Marvel's best Villains being as menacing as can be. We got to hear a little of what Tony was going through after the event of the Avengers so it seemed like a very emotional film unlike the previous Iron Man films. Also again what looked like the death of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Not to mention the 14 million views it has on YouTube.

#4 Thor the Dark World

So not a great film but still an awesome trailer. We get to see an all new kind of Villain on screen and the return of Loki. Also get to see what looked like the death of Thor's love interest Jane Foster. An all around great trailer and a nice dark tone.

#5 The Dark Knight Rises

Dark and silent is how I would describe this trailer. We get to see Bane, Catwoman, and a damaged Bruce Wayne. We see the Bat wing, Bane destroying a football field, and even see that Bane has the upper hand against Bruce Wayne. Not to mention the music that makes this trailer even more intense.

#6 Deadpool

So of course this movie is on the list. This is the first time we're seeing the iconic Deadpool on screen done right. It's Funny, intense, and action packed. We even get to see Colossus. Defiantly a great trailer everyone should watch. Maybe not the children though haha.

#7 Man of Steel

In this trailer we get to see the return of Superman. After the 2006 Superman Returns I'm sure everyone was ready for a change and this trailer really delivered. We see Clark trying to fit in with society while being an outcast, Superman breaking the sound barrier, and what looks like some great action packed fighting scenes. This trailer surely did get everyone hyped for the movie.

#8 The Dark Knight

This trailer of course had to be on this list. In this Dark night trailer we see some very exciting things like, the Joker, Harvey Dent, and even Batman's Bat Pod. The tone in this trailer really sets the mood for what kind of movie we were gonna be getting. A very epic, awesome, great trailer.

#9 Batman vs Superman

No doubt this movie would be on this list. In this trailer we see Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. That right there is enough to make this trailer one of the best. We also see a very broken Batman, a Robin cameo, what looks like Batman breaking someones neck, and some very epic fight scenes. Oh and the 41 million views on YouTube. This trailer in one of the best indeed.

#10 Avengers Age of Ultron

So yes Age of Ultron is in my opinion the best movie trailer we've seen so far. Very misleading but still very awesome. We get to see what looks like a very broken, damaged team. We get to hear and see what at the time looked like a very very serious, menacing, doesn't care about anything Villain. Not to mention a dead Thor and a broken Captain America shield. Very intense and suspenseful indeed.


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