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What's your dream super power?







Perfect Eyesight

You've caught the villain, what do you do?

Kill him

Take him to jail

Leave him to rot

Give him a second chance

I don't know

Who'd you work with?

No one, I'm a lone wolf

My best friend

A team

Don't care, somebody like me

You see someone getting robbed, what do you do?

Show 'em what for

None of my business, I'd just keep on doing what I was doing

Silently take them down

Help the robber

Do you think you should get paid for what you do?

Yeah!!!!!! If I'm gonna threaten my life saving people who don't appreciate my work I should at least get paid!!!!

No. My services are free...

How does your movie end?


Me flying off into the sunset...

With an end credit scene! You're welcome...

My funeral

I don't know how to work this site, so I guess you'll never know what Superhero you are... sorry


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