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Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice is no doubt gonna be one of the biggest movies of 2016 but there are still some major doubters that are iffy on this film. Here what Batman v. Superman needs to do in order for it to silence it doubters.

Expand On Superman Character

In Man of Steel, Superman was fairly new at being a superhero as it was his first day on the job as being a superhero. But it critical in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice that they move his character forward and make him become the Superman we all know and love. I know for the most part of the film Superman will still be a rather conflicted character pondering what is the right thing to do but by the end of the film I want him to find himself and become the beacon of hope his father always wanted him to become.

Ben Affleck's performance MUST be good as Batman

Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight
Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight

Ben Affleck's performance as Batman is critical to this movie because when he was first announced as Batman people were very critical of the decision to make him Batman as many people didn't think he had the acting chops to pull the role off. Ever since the news was announced people have turned over a new leaf as him being Batman and have finally accepted him in the role but there are still others out there that are still doubting he will be able to pull it off. Ben needs to pull of one of the best acting performances of his life because this film and the rest of the DCEU depends on it because if it doesn't and does not live up to people expectations as him being Batman it will stain the movie even if it does end up being a really good film to fans and critics alike but I have immense faith as him being Batman.

Gal Gadot must silence the haters once and for all as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The same as Ben Affleck casting as Batman, Gal Gadot faced the same kind of criticisms as being casted as Wonder Woman. It is also imperative that she knocks it out of the park as Wonder Woman because the future of her solo Wonder Woman movie and the rest of DCEU depends on it if she doesn't live up to people expectations. Her being Wonder Woman is still divided among fans and critics unlike Ben's role as Batman as his reception has gotten more and more positive through time. I also believe she will knock it out of the park but we'll just have to wait until after the movie comes out for people final judgement as her being Wonder Woman.

Zack Snyder needs to tell a compelling and emotional story that connects with audiences

Zack Snyder is know for his unique style of visual storytelling in his movies such as Watchmen, 300 and Sucker Punch. He has always gotten high praise for his unique style of visuals but what people think he often lacks is telling a compelling story that connects with the audiences and emotionally and make them care for what going on in the film. In Man of Steel, I think he was able to tell an emotionally compelling story for the character of Superman but some people would disagree saying while the film was great visually it lack emotionally in storytelling. For Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder needs to tell a compelling story that makes audiences care for the story that being told and not just care for the visuals, but guess what? He has help on his side by bringing in talented movie writer Chris Terrio who just came off winning a Oscar for the movie Argo who just happened to have Ben Affleck in it. Having Chris Terrio on board gives the story so much to work with and it evident in the trailers that Zack and Chris worked so hard on the story of the film and you can tell that they did there best to connect all the dots. Granted they are trailers and sometimes trailers can be better than the actual movies themselves but I have a feeling that the story for Batman v. Superman will get people talking for a long time.

Set the foundation for the Justice League

Even though I want this movie to focus primarily on Batman and Superman and not turn into a Justice League movie, I still want by the end of this movie to slowly progress into setting up and establishing the foundation of the Justice League. We also need to be told where heroes like Aquaman,Wonder Woman,Flash and etc were during the events of Man of Steel to tie it all together. If Zack Snyder can make it all tie in together and make it feel natural, I'm all for it.

Make Lex Luthor a compelling villain

Jesse Eissenberg being casted as Superman most famous villain Lex Luthor has received a mixed response from fans and critics. Some say he not physically imposing and intimidating enough while others say he perfect for the role because of his demeanor and acting ability in other films he has done in the past. Regardless of what has been say it is up to Zack Snyder to make Lex Luthor a compelling villain to go up against Superman, he needs to be a threat that can be taken seriously and someone who could even threaten the JL in later films throughout the DCEU.

Let the Story flow naturally

At the end of the day don't force anything and let the story be told in it natural progression . Don't force anything because if anything in this movie is forced it could turn into a hot mess fast! Tell it in a way that connects with the audiences and progress the story in a way that makes it feel natural. In the end I have high hopes for this film and I even believe it will be the greatest comic book film ever but i guess we'll just have to wait till 2016 to find out.

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