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I love the MCU, and The DC Universe. But my favorite character will always be Captain America! If you like my MoviePilot, also check out my
Austin Mathews

So, if you go on, you will see a very short profile about America. What if the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) decides to implement this story line. WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS!

So, Falcon is now a very big deal, because he is part of Cap's "New Avengers". As Seen in "Ant Man" he has an all new suit to prove it.

What if in Captain America: Civil War, or in Infinity Wars, Captain America dies in some unfortunate event? (It really hurts to say that.) Will the MCU Use Falcon as the new Captain America, and continue on with the saga? Or will Captain America survive?

Obviously, Falcon and Cap' are very close heroes, and they trust each other very much. If it happened in the comics, why not in the MCU? They both are soldiers with similar motives, and mind sets. I guess we leave it in the hands of the film directors.



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