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Since Rocksteady just ended their Batman Arkham Series not long ago, i'm already yearning for more Superhero games, not to mention DC has their share of interesting characters, with even more interesting stories.

4. Green Arrow

First off is the Emerald Archer himself Oliver Queen. Green Arrow has a unique fighting style utilizing the many opportunities he has with his bow and arrows. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, which could be used to make some interesting combo maneuvers. His popularity has definitely increased with the CW show which would definitely help sales.

3. Green Lantern

We haven't seen much of Green Lantern in the mainstream media, other than that god awful film with Ryan Reynolds and that crappy cash in game of it. This could be a great way to re-introduce the character and while making a fun game. You could expand on the Lantern universe, and since he can basically create anything with his ring, you could have level up system with different items he can create, like projectiles or melee weapons.

2. Red Hood

Red Hood would be an amazing character to play as, instead of other people's weapons on this list, he straight up uses guns and his fighting skills. In the short DLC from Arkham Knight, i had a blast playing as him. He would also tell such an interesting and sad story of how he was just innocent Robin before Joker got to him. Even it's a small side project, this needs to happen.

1. Superman

Okay you saw this coming. At this point it's more of the fact he needs to redeem himself for the shit games he's starred in. His powers have proved to to be good in video game form as seen in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Who he fights might be tricky, being immensely powered. But really, a development team needs to seriously save this name in the video game industry.

Thanks for reading guys hope you enjoyed this article. Tell me which DC character you think should star in a video game and why. If you guys like this article feel free to share it and follow me. Til next time!


Which character do you think most deserves their own game?


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