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For months and months and months, the Josh Trank-helmed Fantastic Four reboot has been the subject of great controversy and ridicule. From rumors of re-shoots by a different (and, statistically, better) director for messiness fixes to a general public disgust, this development process has not been a particularly happy one. However, despite all of this, I held out hope that Trank's crack at the family would finally bring us the movie that those wonderful characters deserve. But it seems that this will not be that film, after taking a look at Rotten Tomatoes. I know that the rating fluctuates, and, for all that I know now, it could become fresh within the day. But Fantastic Four currently stands at a 17% Approval Rating on RT. Just.... ouch.

While this movie may not end up bringing home any bacon for Fox to enjoy, I have to think about what this means for the studio. When Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 "tanked", the RT rating leveled out at around 53% and the film grossed roughly $800,000,000 worldwide. This doesn't sound like a real failure to me (especially considering the fact that I loved the movie), and this can't mean anything good for Fox. The studio has botched TWO previous attempts at bringing the F4 and Dr. Vic to the screen, and this reboot is very clearly the direct result of the studio trying to utilize the rights before they revert back to Marvel Studios..... and this EXACT thing happened with Spider-Man, only it took two films into a reboot franchise before Sony rethought their plans. The point I am getting to is that Fantastic Four seems to be their last shot at preserving their reign over the quartet before Marvel will step in... and the finished product is not looking good to critics so far. My only hope is that all of the naked Invisible Woman nonsense from the older movies is put to damn rest.

If I do end up seeing it, I'll let you guys know what I think. Thank you for reading!


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