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It is a clear fact that when a new movie trailer is released, we get excited beyond measure, because sometimes we are eager for a taste of the movie. We watch the trailer and we build up more and more expectations, but sometimes the actual film is a disappointment.

Let's take a look at 4 movie trailers that were better than the actual film:

1.Spiderman 3

When we knew that Venom was being introduced in the Spider-man movie franchise, we could only think of one word: Amazing

When the trailer was released and we finally got to see that black suit, things couldn't have been better. But after watching the full movie,we had a different word in mind: lame.
All our expectations were in vain after watching Venom being not even close to what he is in the comics.

2.Tron: Legacy

It just took a minute for us to realize that Daft Punk was in charge of the soundtrack for this sequel to a great sci-fi classic, and we had high expectations.

It was sad that such an anticipated movie had to be of such low quality. Don't get me wrong, Jeff Bridges is a great actor and Olivia Wilde will always be a gorgeous actress, but that wasn't nearly enough to make Tron: Legacy a good movie. Sorry Disney.


Speaking of sci-fi, Ridley Scott, director of Alien and other great movies, delivered a great disappointment with Prometheus.

This movie had us hoping for a movie that would facilitate the franchise's return after so many years, but all it did was to push it back into darkness. And they are currently making a sequel so let's just hope they do it better next time!


This trailer might just be the perfect definition of suspense, because for two minutes of mayhem, screams and terror we are unable to see the monster causing all this. -that builds up big expectations for movie. But when you are down to the last minutes of the movie and you realize that the monster had barely five minutes of screen time, you just want the movie to be over.

Too much suspense maybe?

Let us hope that the new Deadpool movie will be better that the trailers, and you can watch the latest one here.

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