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Now that the DCCU is in play it seems that we will see some very iconic heroes and villains hit the big screen. This is my fan casting of ten DC villains that I believe should be part of this "sandbox".

1.Bane-Eric Allan Kramer

I know that he is older but I think that makes him good for the role. I think he could play an older version of Bane that has been on the mean streets of Gotham for a while.

2. Poison Ivy-Jennifer Lawrence

This was kinda a long shot but I think that J-Law is PERFECT for this role. Now that she is leaving the X-Men franchise as Mystique I think it would be best for her to stay in the action franchise by switching over to DC.

3. Black Spider-Jamie Foxx

I myself, believe he was AMAZING as Electro in TAS2 and I think that he would do even better as Black Spider.

4. The Riddler-Neil Patrick Harris

I was told that he was originally going to play Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises alongside Heath Ledger. But due to Heath's passing that was impossible. (R.I.P.) I started to think and I thought "Wow he could play a great Edward Nigma!"

5. Killer Frost-Shailene Woodly

I honestly don't know why I thought of this but yes. I do think Shailene Woodly could play a pretty good Killer Frost. It may seem insane but....she is an amazing actress and Divergent can't last forever. Along with J Law I think it would be best for her to stay in the action franchise.

6. Jokers Daughter-Willow Shields

At only 14 Willow has been in many movies. Her most famous role is as Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games series. She is an up and coming actress that could get her bigger break as JD.

7. Captain Cold-Liam Hemsworth

Just like Willow Shields and J Law he is best known for his roles in the Hunger Games series. Again a great actor who deserves this role more than anyone.

8. Scarecrow-Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is not just known as a singer but also as an actor. He has been in movies like Trouble with the Curve and Friends With Benefits. I think he could be the main villain of Suicide Squad 2 where DC could introduce Fear Toxin.

9. Power Girl-Miley Cyrus

They both love showing their she would be perfect as Power Girl and maybe we could see her brawl out with Supergirl.

10. Reverse Flash-Seth MacFarlane

Best known for his comedy roles in Family Guy and Ted I think Eobard Thawne would be a good role for him. He could show up in Flash and a possible Flashpoint movie.


So what did you think of my choices? Next I will be doing Heroes and after that Young Heroes. I might do important supporting characters or henchman but who knows!


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