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In preparation for the so-called 'finale'... (Really not finale) of our first go at Movie Mystery Madness. I thought I'd take you through what it really is... There isn't much to it but still... Why not? Right? Right! RIGHT!

The main premise is simply to watch movies. And make your friends watch whatever movie you choose, and they have to watch it, and then we will talk about it the week after!

In the very first few rounds, we started with the initial first go's. Each choosing a film and watching it. Here's the very FIRST episode:

However after a few episodes, we decided to make it more interesting...

Starting with a terrible mystery bag, at the end of this video:

But then we decided to create something genius. Something innovative. New... And exciting. A spinning wheel! We each put two films on to the board. Then at the end of each episode would lead to a bit of mystery... A bit of madness... And two wonderful, or dead awful movies!

So from here we now introduce the new and improved MOVIE MYSTERY MADNESS:

Where we now await Round 8... Coming soon...

Then in September it will return, and things will get weird, probably a bit mean, sadistic and hopefully hilarious... Or just downright terrible! Who knows...

But why not watch it through... See what you think?

Here is a link to the first episode, and playlist of the full MOVIE MYSTERY MADNESS... Have a marathon... Or a skim...

That's it!


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