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Do you think Zack Snyder is just lying around in the editing suite picking willy nilly what should be shown in the next trailer for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)? I'd love to have that kind of power; knowing that I could select an arbitrary set of images that the internet would then pine over for months to come. As impressive and popular as the Batman vs Superman trailer is, it really doesn't amount to anything more than telling us that "they fight".

We're bombarded with all the usual trailer beats, all the usual crashing drums and foreboding lines, yet there really isn't the sense that we're being shown a specific course of events that lead to the central conflict. People complain today that some trailers simply track the entire movie, but this one is practically an art movie in the way it throws together seemingly unrelated images. What are the real questions that a third trailer for Batman vs Superman should answer?

What's Batman's REAL Gripe?

Right from the start of this project, people were asking just what cause Batman is gonna find worthy enough to take on Superman. Sure there's the themes of a fallen God, and a man unrightfully having domain over humanity, yet none of that seemed to affect Bruce Wayne personally. The second trailer answered this by showing Wayne Tower destroyed in the fight during Man of Steel, but even that seems a petty reason to personally accost a man who's quite openly fighting for good. In terms of regular revenge, I could understand it, but this is Bruce Wayne we're talking about! I would personally quite like to see Bruce Wayne take personal insult to some kind of social faux pas intruded upon by Superman. I dunno; I just think it would be funny.

How Will Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Fit Into This?

Give Gal Gadot something to do!
Give Gal Gadot something to do!

This movie will essentially posit Batman next to not one, not two, but three supernatural figures. I'm not using the tired "but how could Batman last against Superman?" claim, but rather it will be interesting to see how he's employed when all this fantastical stuff is going on on screen. Plot wise, I'm curious to see just what cause Gal Gadot as Diana has in the movie. What business does she have with the squabbles of these men? That is if something huge isn't around the corner, which, let's be honest, it is!

Will We See Robin?

The filmmakers seem to be channeling the Christopher Nolan model of playing coy with Robin. Maybe he (or she) exists in this universe, and could show up at any time, or maybe fans eager to see the boy wonder in a slightly less Chris O'Donnell-ish form will be left hanging. There's a lingering shot in the trailer of Robin's costume scribbled upon by Jared Leto's Joker, alluding perhaps to Jason Todd and the "Death in the Family" arc, though perhaps that costume is simply there, ready to be filled by someone who comfortably retired in this world. For now, all we have are rumors of Suckerpunch star, Jenna Malone, visiting the set to chew on.

Will These guys be friends by the end?

Just talk it out guys!
Just talk it out guys!

So one of the main appeals in Batman vs Superman seems to be seeing Batman and Superman go head to head, and full on fight, but I'd be willing to bet that what fans want to see most is the moment they put their differences aside, and genuinely team up. The synopsis to this movie suggests a "new threat" uniting the two, but I'm curious to see if the two will be sharing beers as the credits roll, or simply being begrudging allies. I have my fingers crossed for beers, just for the sheer adorability factor!

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