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Earlier this week in Stockholm Lenny Kravitz was upstaged at his own concert. Taking his hit 'Fly Away' quite literally, his penis made a run for it halfway through the opening track - and the Internet has collectively:

Handled like a true professional, Lenny just carried on playing after his leather trousers ripped right down the middle. What a legend!

And a down-to-earth legend at that! In an unexpectedly funny contribution to the Internet's frenzied response, Lenny tweeted a text sent to him by Steven Tyler with the hashtag "."

The Aerosmith frontman wasn't the only public figure to comment on Lenny's junk though.

Here's a little breakdown of the best reaction tweets and GIFs...

Perez Hilton's version of events was more than complimentary

Hypnotizing comparisons were shared

There were eggplant emojis all over the place

Some people raised solid, philosophical questions

And the Dumb and Dumber boys couldn't quite work out what was going on

I'm just going to leave this here...



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