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2015 is the year that Marty McFly landed in the future in the iconic '80s movie, and now we have fittingly been gifted with a real-life hoverboard!

After the mass disappointment that swept across the Internet last year when a video of Tony Hawk gleefully gliding along on a hoverboard turned out to be a fake, this development is a welcome hurrah for Back to the Future fans that want to recreate the iconic scene from Back to the Future Part II below:

Unfortunately, the Lexus hoverboard won't be available for us to buy just yet because it relies on a special magnetic floor for it to work, but it really does hover and it pays suitable homage to Back to the Future Part II while it's at it!

Acceptable Water Boarding!

Although the hoverboard doesn't slow down on water, it definitely glides along it beautifully!

Cruising Over My Automobile

They really missed a trick by not having this dude land on the back of the car, but I guess this is the best we can expect from what is basically a Lexus commercial!

Check out the full video for yourself below:

(Source: via YouTube)


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