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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you like Taylor Swift and LOVE Harry Potter, you'll wanna check out this awesomely dedicated mash-up from YouTuber extraordinaire Kate Parkin. The young actress has cleverly mixed Harry Potter-themed lyrics to the tunage of some of Tay-tay's best known songs such as 'Shake It Off,' 'Blank Space' and 'Welcome to New York.'

Hell, even if you can't stand Taylor Swift, this'll be a treat for any Potter fan. Check it out!

You might have missed some of that so imma break it down for you...

"On the train I took a seat / I said your lightning bolt's on fleek / I met you and Weasley / I said, 'I'm Hermione [Shake it Off]"
"I'm casting charms at home / You make the spells up as you go / Watch me Reparo [Shake it Off]"
"Welcome to Hogwarts / The hat is singing to you [Welcome to New York]"

Oh, Draco's arrived!

"Nice to meet you, Slytherin / I can show you my Muggle things [Blank Space]"
"Draco, why'd you do this / I was thinking you coulda been trusted [Bad Blood]"

Here's Taylor Swift's actual 'Bad Blood 'video for reference. There are less Weasleys and more explosions in the original!

"Draco, you have to 'ship me / I saved Buckbeak, Harry, you and Weasley/ Put me back on my feet / Now I'll study for Runes and I'll study Herbology [Bad Blood]"
"I'm just a Mudblood / you know who just got know love / I'll take my book and my wand / 'cause Harry, I'm just a Mudblood [Bad Blood]"
"Now Gringotts got problems / But we got Neville Longbottom / That's a really big slug / But Harry I'm just a Mudblood [Bad Blood]"

Get ready for the rap...

"Snape, Snape, Snape, I was just thinking, I've been feeling down about Death Eaters and my dirty, dirty blood in the wizarding world when I could have been rapping about Wi-Zar-Dry!

My best friend just fought this evil man and he's like Oh My Godric we gotta kill the snake and to the Weasley over there with the hellish red hair won't you study with us Harry by the lake, lake, lake

[Shake it Off]"

"Harry's snitch / caught while he flies, find the locket and find the ring / Dementor Kisses / One must die, Weasley's the King, Rowling is our Queen / Find souls where they split / I'm not that girl, I'm a bar switch / save the world, the chosen one... [Blank Space]"

Then some serious close-harmony, Buffy Musical-style ensemble shit starts going down and it's pretty impressive!

"Welcome to Hogwarts, it's always there for you. "

Nicely done, Kate. Nicely done.


Did you enjoy this Harry Potter / Taylor Swift mash-up?

Sources: Youtube, Twitter, Kate Parkin


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