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So. Deadpool.

He may be a foul-mouthed, gratuitously violent and morally suspect assassin-for-hire, but he's our foul-mouthed, gratuitously violent and morally suspect assassin-for-hire, so we love him. Plus, he's funny, and what was it your mom always said about guys who can make you laugh?

More importantly, though, Deadpool's set to bring his particular brand of lunatic awesomeness to the big screen in just a few long, long months - and y'know what that means, right? No, not that whole thing with the dingos. Or the place with the guy and the thing and that chimichanga. Just a little to the left of there. No, your left. Yup, that's the one...

Deadpool Finally Has a (NSFW Red Band) Trailer

And, predictably (as you can see for yourself above) it's AWESOME.

What's more, it turns out that combining a clinically insane superpowered anti-hero (complete with a penchant for breaking the fourth wall) with the medium of film is a recipe for not only gratuitous violence and at least one naked butt shot, but also for a whole lot of Easter eggs, comic book references and character teases.

(And who cares if a decent chunk of it was previously screened at this year's San Diego Comic-Con...)

And, So, Let the Deadpool Breakdown Begin!

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

First up?

Our First Look at Copycat in Action

Though, by action, I mean less the rampant kick-assery that the Morena Baccarin-played character is fond of in the comic books, and more 'falling in love with Wade 'Deadpool' Wilson, before he develops an incredibly aggressive form of cancer...

...which, in fairness, she also totally did in the comics...

We Got Our First Great Jab at Green Lantern

Unless, of course, there's another green and animated costume that Ryan Reynolds reeeeally doesn't want to end up wearing (again)...

We Get Our Best Look Yet at Angel Dust and Ajax

The most obvious villains of the piece, Angel Dust and Ajax are seen being, for lack of a better phrase, complete tools to Deadpool. Which, in Ajax's case, makes a whole lot of sense, since his role in the movie - as Deadpool-origin-related antagonist - is taken straight from the comic books.

Angel Dust, on the other hand, has traditionally been a pretty darned obscure character in the comics - only appearing briefly in the 2002 miniseries Morlocks - but seems to have acquired a new role...and a distaste for Ryan Reynolds' quips.


A Handful of Great, Outdated References

Because honestly, who doesn't want to hear Deadpool refer to someone as Posh Spice? It's basically like watching the comic book...


We Might Just Have Caught a Glimpse of a (Secret) X-Man

Specifically, the frequently-Deadpool-associated Fantomex, a peculiar-origin-ed super-spy whose backstory is way, way too complicated to go into here. Suffice it to say, though, that his costume looks...quite a lot like that picture.

Which, added in to his long-time frenemy-style relationship with Deadpool, makes it a tempting tease. That's probably all that'll come from it - but is it too soon to start dreaming of an Uncanny X-Force movie?

Meanwhile, back at bat...

THAT Test Footage Definitely Made It into the Movie

And as it turns out, converting this...

...into an actual movie scene looks just as awesome as you'd imagine.

Also, the music has now changed from Gwen Stefani to Salt-n-Pepa. Which actually works super-well...

Unless you're Gwen Stefani's accountant, presumably...

Wait, what's that?

There's Some A-Grade Name-checking

Including director Tim Miller's surname, and both halves of Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza's name, on street signs...

Expect that to be a recurring theme throughout the movie...

On a more practical note, though:

Deadpool's Healing Factor Is Present and Accounted For

Which is nice (if entirely expected). Also, that's a neat shot, huh?


We See a Major Spider-Man Reference

Though, whereas for Peter Parker, great power came with great responsibility...

...for Deadpool, not so much.

The only sad part of all that? Since the rights to Spider-Man are very still much with Sony (albeit, more recently, also shared with Marvel Studios), that's likely the closest we're going to come to the comic books' recurring gag of Deadpool being mistaken for everybody's favorite web-slinger.

There's a Possible Daredevil Reference

Though, frankly, that may be reading too much into the presence of a hallway scene...

Keep your ears peeled in the final movie for a subtle dig at the blind hero, though, just in case...

Meanwhile, back in the trailer:

Classic X-Man Colossus Has Arrived

And he looks...stronger than ever.

Which is probably bad news for Deadpool.


Negasonic Teenage Warhead Is Here

And boy howdy, does she look pissed off about that. Which, since - in the comic books - she got killed off a few pages after her first introduction, actually kind of makes sense...

Next up...

Blind Al Hits the Big Time

And offers up some of the trademark snark that we know and love from the comic book version of the character - Deadpool's involuntary roommate (and World War 2 love-interest of Captain America).

And, of course:

Weasel Lays Down the Smack Talk

With Deadpool's long-time comic book sidekick having a priceless line about avocados...

Which is...actually pretty much it - except for one key thing:

There Are Actually TWO Deadpool Trailers

The one above, y'see, is just the Red Band version - meaning we also have a (subtly, but noticeably, different) Green Band version to watch...

The most interesting addition?

Our First Real Burst of Fourth Wall Breaking

"Cue the music."

Other than that, the most intriguing element?

The Realization That You Can't Say 'Dick in Your Mouth' in a Green Band Trailer

But that, as Blind Al proves, you can totally say 'Douche,' as well as imply that Deadpool has had sex with your mom...

...though, crucially, it lacks one key ingredient for true Deadpool-ness:

Three Guys, One Bullet

Why, the blood-soaked ultra-violence, of course!

Which, helpfully, the Red Band trailer is full enough of for the both of them...

What do you think, though?


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