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Twitter went three-headed-dog wild when began trending. Sadly, and most devastatingly, it was all a lie!

Fans went wild as they looked forward to the possibility of purchasing another book from the series. But, they should have known, as the entire debacle started from the late night game show Midnight on Comedy Central. On the show, contestants had to compete for the best hashtag that will hit and spread like wildfire.

Some of the hilarious titles that they brainstormed were Dumbledore the Explorer and Snapes on a Plane.

Fans of the series took the false information to heart, some even expressing how betrayed they felt by the lie.

Osiem, we fully agree with you. Those bastards.

On a happier note, we celebrated Harry Potter's 35th birthday last Friday, and none other than Ronald Weasley appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon... okay, it was really Simon Pegg dressed in a ginger wig wearing a Gryffindor uniform.

Why yes, Weasley certainly is our king. And I know plenty of girls that would be more than happy to experience Ron's "Fifty Shades of Ginger."

[Source: iDT]


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