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In hindsight, putting the greatest NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan, in a movie with the Looney Tunes seems like an obvious move. It's easy to imagine the pitch for Warner Bros' Space Jam going well mostly because we know how awesome the movie ended up being. But realistically, it took serious guts to make that movie happen. It was a creative idea and the execution ended up being flawless.

Now there are fans clamoring for a Space Jam 2, and for good reason. It's been nearly 20 years since the film was released, and there are plenty of NBA players who can act now. I mean, we saw Lebron James deliver some hilarious one-liners in Trainwreck, Ray Allen killed it in He Got Game, Shaq was decent in a few films, and Blake Griffin has fully taken advantage of playing in L.A. with numerous advertisements showing off his acting chops.

Speaking of which, the aforementioned Griffin just appeared in a Warner Bros. teaser of sorts for the new film that is equal parts hilarious and awesome. Check it out below!

In this ad for the Jordan Superfly shoe, we see Blake Griffin and Marvin the Martian duke it out the only way they know how... in a dunk contest. Marvin has an unfair advantage, as he utilizes some pretty advanced technology to cheat his way to some pretty awesome dunks.

But Griffin has a trick up his sleeve. His buddy Bugs gives him the Jordan Superfly shoe...

He takes off from the opposite free-throw line, transcends into outer space, and completes the dunk of all dunks that wins him the battle. Then Marvin the Martian gets a taste of his own medicine, being catapulted back up to space where he belongs. The good guys prevail!

I just need Space Jam 2 to come out ASAP so that I can go see it and combine two things I love... NBA ballers and the Looney Tunes. Come on, Lebron, make it happen! You'll basically get paid handsomely to have fun and create something awesome! Seems like a no-brainer to me...

Also, please give us a Bill Murray cameo.



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