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Today I watched the sequel to the 2005 film Sin City, this film follows some of the characters after the events of the first film and how it affected them. It also introduces new characters with fresh stories to tell, like the first film this one has three separate stories that are tangled together; the first is about a gambler who tries to take Senator Roark's money in a poker game and it costs him everything. The second is about Dwight who meets up with an old flame and this confrontation ends up with him on the run from the cops, and the last story is about Nancy trying to take revenge on Senator Roark because of what happened to Hartigan in the previous film. Sin City 2 is directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and stars Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Green, Josh Brolin, Powers Boothe and Rosario Dawson.

Well for starters I'll say that because I absolutely loved the first one so you would think my expectations would be high, however they weren't because of the poor reviews it got. I still went into the movie with high hopes and I was happy with what I saw. There are quite a few positives to the film, which include: good acting, great action, beautiful visual style, great weaving plot, good story progression and a really good tone. The things that were great in the first film are also present in this one for example the same great visual style that requires thought to examine is still there (for example Ava Lord's green eyes) and this film is still a great neo-noir, it has a gritty tone and the narration is brilliant. The acting from all the stars is really good, I especially liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt and of course Mickey Rourke was outstanding; the action is just as gory and stylistic as it was in the first and so many of the scenes just show off how badass some of the characters are, the action is just really enjoyable to watch. One part of this film that I think was better than the first was how the plot weaved together, it was clever how the plot consisted of three completely different stories but still linked heavily together and did feel like one film (where the first felt like three short films).

For me I do have a couple problems with this film and one of them is that the three stories aren't as interesting as the ones in the first, they are still fun to watch but don't have as much depth as the others did. The other problem I have is to do with the script, most of the screenplay is pretty great and beautifully written however there are a few moments where the characters say things that don't fit in the Sin City world and it felt quite cheesy (I know that the film is based off stereotypes and over the top characters but in these instances it went a little too far and didn't fit). Thankfully it only happens a couple times so the majority of the film is genius but it is still there so it is worth pointing out.

Overall I really enjoyed Sin City 2 because of its great visual style, interesting characters and cool stories; however certain parts of the film don't match up to the greatness of the first. So taking everything I have said into consideration I rate this film:



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