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Oftentimes we end up writing about people who cosplay really, really well. But, having attended a few cons myself and having never been the craftiest of people, being able to cosplay the way those superfans do seems so far out of reach.

But this past Saturday was New York's 2015 PotterCon, which brought in fans from far and wide to celebrate the majesty and wonder of Harry Potter over a nice pint of Butterbeer. While some Harrys, Hagrids, and McGonagalls will go above and beyond the call of cosplay duty, others are just happy to represent their fandom and have a good time.

If you've ever thought about attending PotterCon, maybe these Instagrams from this year's attendees will convince you it's worth the trip!

Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang reunited

just a prefect & her bff ⚡️

Con en el Está iguaaaaal

Naked time Dumbledore!

, you were beautiful.

That feel when you're a drunk house elf with a tea cozy on your head and you miss Mr. Crouch so much .

Moaning Myrtle is upset!


Welcome to PotterCon! Here's the Golden Snitch!

Yule Ball Hermione, reporting for duty ✨

Mischief Managed

Looks like everyone had an awesome time. Whether you have months or days to prepare your cosplay, it just goes to show there's really no wrong way to go about it. See you next year, PotterCon!

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