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A deleted scene from Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](tag:201193) has been released, and it leaves Rick looking like one brutal son of a bitch!

Ahead of Season 5 being released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 25th, the producers have released a deleted scene from Season 5, Episode 8 "Coda," which basically shows just how brutal Rick had become by that stage.

Rick tells Daryl he will "kill everybody" if need be
Rick tells Daryl he will "kill everybody" if need be

The scene is set just before Rick and the group head into Grady Memorial on their ill-fated mission to retrieve Beth. Whilst some of the Grady officers are bound and restrained under the watchful eye of Noah, Rick talks to Daryl and calmly tells him, "If it's Carl and Judith, I'll do anything. … If this goes south, we'll kill everybody." Wow.

Check out the whole scene below, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

Of course as fans of the show know, the retrieval mission went terribly, and resulted in both Beth and Office Dawn being killed. However, the Grady mission only resulting in two deaths was probably the reason why this scene was cut - it would seem confusing to have Rick vowing to kill everyone, and then ending up with only one outsider dead at the hands of Daryl.

Regardless of why the scene was ultimately left on the cutting room floor, it's still a pretty powerful clip and certainly shows just how much Rick and Daryl were willing to do to protect themselves and their group.

Rick and Daryl discuss their strategy
Rick and Daryl discuss their strategy

The Walking Dead Season 6 premiers on AMC on October 11th, and the Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD is available for purchase on August 25.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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