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18 years ago, Fletcher Reede's son, Max, blew out the candles on his birthday cake and made a wish that his dad couldn't tell a lie for one whole day. And so birthed Liar Liar, the '97 movie that followed Jim Carey and his claw as he negotiated his way around a law firm with the ultimate challenge for any lawyer: telling the truth.

Constantly let down by his father's broken promises, Max tackled his idol's irresponsibility the only way he knew how, with a bit of good old fashioned magic.

His wish was granted and landed Jim Carey in some pretty amusing situations. From getting slapped in a lift for commenting on a new co-worker's big bazookers, to scrawling 'blue' all over his face with biro, Liar Liar fast became a childhood classic for the majority of kids growing up in the '90s.

Max a.k.a Justin Cooper, was 9 when Liar Liar was released in theaters all those years ago. However, that wasn't the first acting job for the little cutie. Kicking off his career at the tender age of 5, before Liar Liar, Cooper appeared in various television commercials for Domino's Pizza, had a guest appearance on the popular sitcom Full House, and played Nicky Hansen in TV show The Boys Are Back.

After roles on General Hospital, ER, and Boy Meets World, Cooper landed the role of Max alongside Jim Carey, going on to play everyone's favorite neighborhood nightmare in Dennis the Menace Strikes Again!

In 1998, Cooper was nominated for 2 Young Artist Awards, Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Actor Age Ten or Under for Liar Liar and Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series - Supporting Young Actor for his role in Brother's Keeper. Seemingly Justin was setting himself up a nice foundation for quite the career. However, according to his IMDb profile, his acting career came to a halt in 2003, with limited explanation as to why. Though, importantly, it does mention little Coops was quite the Elvis fan.

So, at MP, we took it upon ourselves to do a little diggin' to see what information we could get our claws on. And we came up trumps. After leaving Hollywood it seems Justin Cooper found his calling in the world of sports journalism and now works as a producer on Fox Sports Radio!

This is what he looks like now:

Although he left his acting career behind long ago, that doesn't stop his colleagues on The Noe Show from busting out Liar Liar references to threaten their listeners.

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Justin you can run, but you can't hide from...


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