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We're finally getting the movie adaptation of Deadpool that truly gets what the character is all about, and the newly released Red Band trailer is the best indicator that we're in for a treat. It promises heavy doses of the signature violence and humor that makes the comics so great, and Ryan Reynolds proves once again how this casting choice was spot-on.

If you happened to miss the newly released Deadpool trailer, do yourself a favor and watch it immediately (just know that you'll want this movie out immediately, too).

You can tell that Fox is super confident with their new wise-cracking, bone-cracking hero as they've been trotting him out to various promotional outlets with hilarious results.

Most recently, Ryan Reynolds took to Conan to prove that these antics are not strictly restricted to the movie, and I've got a feeling we're going to be treated to way more of these before Deadpool premieres. This time that includes a massage parlor, and Conan himself is the lucky recipient.

You can't really go wrong with that combination, so feast your eyes on the clip right here:

Two words: Panda. Tears.

As with every other media appearance Reynolds has made so far, this has me shamelessly thirsting for that February 12th release date. I won't be satisfied until I see Wade Wilson on every late night talk show there is. Nothing sums up this feeling of anticipation better than this quick Vine:

Even if we do have to wait another excruciating six months for Deadpool to hit theaters, at least we now know what it looks like when a ruthless assassin hunts for a ginger comedian's ass.


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