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It seems like everything that Disney touches turns into gold. They own the rights to Star Wars and with [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) on the horizon, there's a lot to look forward to on that front. Well, what if I were to tell you a plethora of artists were creating visual mashups of Disney and Star Wars? Would that interest you? Of course it would. Look, you're already curious.

All right, then, I won't make you wait. Without further ado, check out these 30 awesome works done by some talented folks! Some of these puns are truly amazing, too, by the way...

1. Tattooine Disney Logo by umbridge1986

2. WALL-E and Star Wars by purplerage9205

3. Disney Meets Star Wars by sam bragg

4. Different Slave, Same Outcome by artistabe

5. Not a Bad Bit of Rescuing by James Hance

6. A Tattooine Explorer Is a Friend by James Hance

7. Slave Jessica by fitzoblong

8. "Who's Scruffing Looking at?" by James Silvani

9. I mean what's going to happen to Star Wars by 20th Century Fox Fan Fare

10. Princess Leia and the Seven Ewoks by Avalanche Software

11. Disney Halloween: Wendy by Isaiah Stephens

12. In a Tower Far, Far Away by artistabe

13. Disney Han and Leia by luxris

14. Prince Charming Meets Han Solo by John Trumbull

15. Star Wars x Haunted Mansion by Karen Hallion

16. Winnie the Hutt by Kenny Durkin

17. Hike 'n' Chully by jimspon

18. The Pirate of Kashyyyk by andyjhunter

19. Baymax and Stormtrooper Mashup by gegidharmika

20. Star Wars-Kingdom Hearts Mashup by KneonT

21. Monster's Empire by chrisraimoart

22. Return of the Hitchhiking Jedis by chrisraimoart

23. Carbonite Frozen Aurora by pushfighter

24. Slave Princess by pushfighter

25. Sith Snow White by pushfighter

26. Bounty Hunter Mulan by pushfighter

27. Jedi Ariel by pushfighter

28. Padawan Rapunzel by pushfighter

29. Sith Elsa by pushfighter

30. All Hail the King by crslozada

(Via: Dorkly)


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