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Private Eye, the British satirical magazine reveals there will not be a full series of Doctor Who in 2016.

Get ready for a shock.

Private Eye claims that Steven Moffat is to work on his other hit show Sherlock to get Season 4 ready for a 2017 release date. Filming for Sherlock Season 4 was postponed this year and was moved to next year.

Not long now till the return of Doctor Who, which arrives back on screens for the ninth series of its latest incarnation on 19 September.
Fan should make as much as they can of this 12-part run, as BBC staff have recently been informed that showrunner Steven Moffat’s commitments to his other hit show Sherlock mean that there will be no full series of Doctor Who in 2016. - Private Eye

It has been rumored that there will be a Series of "Special" Episodes instead of a full Series. So that most likely consists of an Easter Special like in 2009, then further Specials in the year. Then obviously a Christmas Special.

What If..?

What if the Doctor Who team do a Split Series? What if Series 10 begins towards the end of 2016 and leave on a big cliffhanger. Then in 2017 the Series returns to continue on from the cliffhanger left in the previous year. So that way we would have Series 10a and Series 10b. Just like Series 7a and 7b.

It looks as though Sherlock is number 1 priority next year!

BUT let's remember that Doctor Who Series 10 has been confirmed already. So what now?

Doctor Who Returns Saturday September 19th 2015 on BBC One.

Sherlock Returns Friday 25th December 2015 on BBC One.


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