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Immense acting skills course through the blood of the Farmiga sisters. I have particularly loved Taissa's characterizations for her various roles in American Horror Story.

Todd Strauss-Schulson must have also caught on to her brilliant portrayal of complex characters, as well as her flawless performances in anything horror related, as he cast her in The Final Girls.

The Final Girls follows Max, a young girl who misses her dead mother, who was a famous scream queen back in the '80s. Max and her friends are mysteriously transported into one of her mother's horror films, and they must survive horny camp counselors and a maniacal machete-donning killer to make it back home alive.

Along with Taissa Farmiga, the cast consists of Malin Akerman, Thomas Middleditch, Adam DeVine, Alia Shawkat, Alexander Ludwig, and Nina Dobrev. I know what you're thinking: Holy hell, what a stellar cast.

As a fan of horror films, I am beyond ecstatic for this film. The concept seems hilarious, yet filled with creepy moments, and the cast is beyond superb (Adam and Alia?!)

Thankfully this film is coming out just before Halloween (October 9th) to help us get into that scary, creepy mood.

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