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By God Hannibal just got normal! I'm not sure how the fandom will be able to cope, what with being given such a ridiculous caper weeks before full of chases across Europe and Hannibal beginning to remove Will's cranium before being all like "lol not rly tho!" Still, the somewhat sombre tone to this end of Season 3 feels appropriate, and at least this show is finally covering the Thomas Harris novels. The Red Dragon storyline is heating up, so let's take a look at what to expect this week, when Hannibal Season 3 reaches Episode 10.

More Abigail Hobbs

It was pleasent in the last Episode to see Kacey Rohl return in some form as Abigail Hobbs. Bizarrely, she was the closest thing to a core of innocence the show has, and even she was corrupted by Hannibal beyond recognition. My best guess is that we'll see more of Abigail in the next episode, though still in flashback form rather than hallucinatory ghost. And for those fans still hoping desperately that she could through some miracle still be alive... hey I dunno. This show is made of curve balls!

Francis Dolarhyde Strikes Again!

He has a few self image issues.
He has a few self image issues.

The most recent episode expanded upon Francis' character simply by giving him a voice. I'm glad that his first words weren't menacing (much) for it's the humanization of Dolarhyde that really lets the terror hit home. Last week saw him in conversation with perhaps the sweetest character to appear on the show. Seeing the blind vendor lady bring Francis back to her home and talk with him was one of the tensest scenes I've seen all year, and her fate is still unknown. Perhaps this coming episode will confirm just how much of a pattern killer he is.

Is Hannibal Planning Something?

Don't get me wrong. I'm really happy with where Hannibal's character is. It's so much fun to see him behind that glass pain, able only to influence others with his words. That said, he's in a weird position where the possibility of escape and wreaking havoc once more is beyond his reach. The show is therefore having to use flashbacks to show Hannibal in a position of dominance once more. Any attempt to showcase Hannibal like that later in the Season would likely require his escape, and I'm just not sure if the show is willing to commit to that.

Freddie Lounds Captured

Should Freddie watch out?
Should Freddie watch out?

It was fun to see Freddie Lounds return to the show, but it set off alarm bells nonetheless. If we go by the novel and movie that Season 3 is currently paralleling, Freddie is not in for a good time when she (or he in other iterations) begins to document Francis Dolarhyde in a way he doesn't appreciate. Suddenly introducing her at this point in the story can only mean bad things, though I'm a little confused of what will come of this. The flaming wheelchair in Season 2 was a very pointed reference to what happens to Freddie later in the Red Dragon Storyline. The show likely wouldn't be able to do the same thing again, unless Francis Dolarhyde is into really massive coincidences.

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