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I'll admit, the Alien franchise has never had much equity against being massively changed or overhauled, and that's a good thing. There's a beauty to different directors being able to imprint their wildly different styles and sensibilities on each movie. It means the series remains varied and somewhat volatile, and stops it from being bogged down by a straight forward canon that fans can only adhere to religiously.

There comes the worry, then, when filmmakers are given such a degree of power that they can shape the franchise discourse to their liking. This is just the situation we're in now, with Neill Blomkamp and Ridley Scott respectively helming the continuation, expansion, and thanks to a little retconning, the contraction of the Alien universe. The best way Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 could reassure fans would be to reference and expand upon the movies that came before them. Let's take a look at what we could see when these sci-fi behemoths clash in 2016.

Colonial Marines

I am the ultimate badass!
I am the ultimate badass!

There's been a degree of cynicism surrounding the colonial marines, in no small part due to the botched video game of the same name that disappointed everyone back in 2013. Characters like Hicks, Vasquez and Hudson were done perfectly in James Cameron's Aliens, and since, have been only an ideal that other creatives strive for. Truthfully, if the right sense of zaniness and teamwork can be achieved without the characters appearing too bro-ey, there's no reason why the marines couldn't work in Alien 5!

MU-TH-UR 6000

Before Weyland Yutani had spokespeople, ironic infomercials and their own logo printed on tricycles, there was only Mother. The implementation of Mother (the interface on the Nostromo that carried out company protocols) in Alien was just genius. It was likely a budgetary feature, where mere computer screen in a room full of blinking lights was preferable to a hologram or another actor, yet it makes the omniscience of Weyland Yutani ever more cold and creepy. It would be neat if Alien 5 or Prometheus 2 could put Mother to use in the same way. Oh and as for Alien Resurrection's attempt at a rebuttal, "Father"... Ughh!

The Space Jockey

The Space Jockey in Alien
The Space Jockey in Alien

You know what Prometheus promised to do as a movie? Explain the space jockey on LV-426. You know what it didn't do? Explain the space jockey on LV-426! Maybe I'm missing something that was explained away on the 5th commentary track of the second Blu Ray addition that I can hear subconsciously when I play backwards, but it would be neat for Prometheus 2 to show us how that Engineer ended up on that moon. Not an Engineer on LV-223, but that engineer on that moon! Silly Ridley Scott. People don't want you making up new stuff. They want the same thing forever and ever and ever!


As much as people declare Alien Resurrection the stupidest of the Alien movies, it actually has some of the coolest ideas. One such neat sci-fi premise is the history of Autons, positing that if synthetics were able to create and manufacture other synthetics, they would eventually develop their own society. The synthetics have always been the sleeper stars of the Alien franchise, and making them a diasporic underclass would bestow a degree of individuality onto any synthetic character. I know Blomkamp seeks to eradicate Alien 3 and Resurrection from canon, but this is one element he needs to carry over!

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