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Although it looked like one of the goofiest superhero movies yet, Ant-Man defied low expectations by being slick, witty, poignant, and boasting clever special effects. After its success, fans everywhere are wondering what's next for ex-criminal Scott Lang and shrewd businesswoman Hope Pym as they prepare to suit up for more adventures as Ant-Man and Wasp. And while Ant-Man is confirmed to appear in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), we may not have to wait until then to see more of the could we see more of the dynamic duo: they're set to make waves in [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469)season 3!

What about Ant-Man 2? I hear you cry. Well, the future isn't so bright for that. Marvel Cinematic Universe bossman Kevin Feige has been pretty down on the idea of an Ant-Man sequel in Phase 3...

"There are only so many slots, which people don’t like when I say that, but it’s just the facts of how many weekends are in a year and also how many productions we can do and maintain the level of quality that we want to maintain."

So much for that. We'll still get more of Scott Lang in Civil War... But despite the initial post-credits scene that revealed Hope Pym would be taking up the Wasp mantle, the future isn't so bright for Evangeline Lilly.

Superhero Legacy: Wasp's MCU future

The new Wasp
The new Wasp

We really did feel Hope's frustration throughout the film, as she kept demanding why she couldn't be the one to wear the suit and be the hero. (The movie definitely suffered from a case of that popular trope, More Powerful Woman Trains Ordinary Man To Do Job She Could Do Herself.) But all of that built up to a fabulous reveal at the end, as Hank Pym finally accepted that he couldn't protect his daughter from everything, and showed Hope the suit he and his wife made for her.

If you're anything like me, you walked out of the cinema cheering, and assuming this meant that Wasp would join the Avengers as soon as Scott Lang did. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. Although Scott's been squeezed in to Civil War, poor Hope will have to wait on the sidelines... again. Kevin Feige gave us an insight into why this might be.

"The truth is there’s so much going on in Civil War. Wasp is such a huge character, and Hope is such a big part of Ant-Man, her character journey is such a big part of that movie. We thought it would be a disservice to the Wasp to just have her show up — ‘Hello, I’m wearing the costume now! Goodbye!’ — because there’s too much else going on in that movie."

Civil War is definitely starting to become a cameo frenzy, and it seems like every superhero in the MCU is invading the Captain America threequel. Yet for some reason, Wasp can't join the party. Of course, it would be fantastic to see Hope get a real hero origin story, a film that focuses on her continuing her parents' legacy to become the Wasp. With any luck she'll join the team in [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027).

Fighting fit
Fighting fit

Until then, there is hope that we'll see more of Hope Pym. Evangeline Lilly recently revealed that her contract includes two full movies and a cameo... which could be in anything from a film to a tv show! And after some tantalising hints about Hydra in Ant-Man, Agents of Shield is ready to continue the story.

The new face of Hydra

Despite efforts by both Captain America and Coulson's new Shield, Ant-Man proved that Hydra is back and more insidious than ever: Mitchell Carson was Hydra's liaison in Ant-Man, bidding for Hank's Pym Particles. And while Scott managed to take down Yellowjacket, Carson managed to abscond with a sample of the powerful particles.

This clearly points to a connection with Agents of Shield. The end of season 2 saw most of Hydra's bosses destroyed by Coulson's team, which begs the question, who sent Carson? Could it have been Ward himself, who vowed to restore Hydra to its former glory? If so, the Pym Particles will be a crucial part of Agents of Shield season 3, as they will give Ward a significant advantage. Brett Dalton, who plays Ward on the show, revealed that the Hydra agent definitely sees himself as a hero.

Could Ant-Man and Wasp join the team?
Could Ant-Man and Wasp join the team?

Scott and Hope will need to bring the Particles back under their control, so expect a cameo episode from at least one of them in season 3! So far the actors have kept quiet about a possible appearance, but Feige has confirmed there is a connection between Ant-Man and Agents of Shield season 3, and advised fans to look out for developments of this story.

So stay tuned for more from Ant-Man and Wasp in 2016!


Should Wasp join the Avengers?


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