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In the run up to the release of [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), we've all become nerd sleuths, scouring press releases and leaks for any information about this exciting new film. And our research really has paid off: thanks to tantalising tidbits revealed by the cast and directors, we can finally get an idea of just what will happen in the movie.

Though it might not be what we'd expect! Just when our heroes seem to make headway, they could face betrayal from a new ally. How will they recover? And will Poe Dameron be rescued from the clutches of the First Order?

Friend or Foe

Before we jump to conclusions, let's have a look at what we know about the charismatic X-Wing pilot.

Flyboy Poe Dameron
Flyboy Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron is no stranger to the Rebellion: Oscar Isaac revealed he grew up on Yavin, the rebel moon base in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. Present at the medal-giving ceremony, Dameron has always wanted to be a pilot and join the fight. But he has a lot to live up to as he tries to continue his heroes' legacy. At SDCC, Oscar Isaac gave us some insights into his character.

“He takes on the legacy, not only of Han and Luke, being these heroic pilots. They lived those stories that we grew up with, they grew up at the same time as those stories. Poe was probably there watching on Yavin, you know, with the medal ceremony. And I want that, I want to be that hero and take up that mantle, and I think that’s what he does, sometimes even recklessly.”

So we already have a good idea of what kind of person Dameron is: brave, reckless, loyal, and desperate to prove himself. He also has a high opinion of his skills, according to Isaac.

His bravado seems to have endeared him to the original trio of heroes. In fact, Dameron's role in the plot was recently revealed to be a mission from Princess Leia herself! Sent to retrieve a powerful object (rumoured to be a mystical lightsaber), Dameron soon meets up with Finn and Rey. This epic team up may be short lived, however, as Dameron is captured by the First Order.

Betraying Leia's Mission

Were you watching closely? This plot twist was revealed in the SDCC Star Wars show reel! We can clearly see Dameron being dragged away by Stormtroopers...

Capture by the First Order
Capture by the First Order

While Han Solo, Rey, and Finn seek advice from Max Kanata (read more about that here!), Dameron is held captive by the Order, and presumably tortured for information. Could the pilot betray his new friends? Or will his loyalty to Princess Leia give him the strength he needs to resist the Order's interrogation?

There is hope for Dameron, though. According to the official plot synopsis, his fate is "forever intertwined" with that of Rey and Finn, and they have yet to embark on their quest to find the "most powerful warrior in the galaxy". As he grew up in the Rebellion, we can only expect that Dameron has been trained in torture resistance techniques.

Whether Leia will be prepared to send out a rescue mission remains to be seen, however. Facing down formidable foes like Captain Phasma, The General, and Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron's loyalties will certainly be tested. We can only hope he stays true to the Rebellion's ideals, and continues the legacy of our original heroes!


Will Poe Dameron join the First Order?


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