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Fox's insanely anticipated Deadpool is still six months away, but the amount of goodwill and buzz the film has built, thanks to an ingenious social media marketing campaign and the fact they seem to have nailed the cult hero this time around, means that already thinking ahead to a second movie isn't entirely out of the question.

Director Tim Miller is one of those people whose mind is already on the story he could tell for the sequel, and this time, he wants Wade Wilson to team up with his most notable sometimes partner and frenemy from the comics.

"There aren’t really many definitive Deadpool villains, apart from Cable," Miller said in an interview with Empire. "If we don’t put Cable in Deadpool 2 I think we’ll be run out of town on a rail."

Deadpool and Cable have teamed up many times over the years and even had their own series, Cable and Deadpool, which was as wacky and entertaining as one would expect. Whether or not a sequel will be greenlit remains to be seen, but it's good to know that Miller, who has shown a deep knowledge of and love for his subject matter, already has gears turning his his brain.

Deadpool shoots his way into theaters on February 12, 2016.


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