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At this point it pretty much goes without saying that Mark Hamill is a national treasure and an integral player in pop culture history. Whether you see him as Luke Skywalker, upholding the Jedi code or as the voice of the Joker, dragging Gotham into madness (or both, because why not?) Hamill has enriched the lives of geeks for generations and shows no sign of slowing down.

Best of all, Mark Hamill is known to be one of the nicest guys in entertainment. He's always willing to participate in fun events and do just about anything to make his fans happy. This includes signing autographs. What could be the most mundane part of fan interactions, Hamill finds a way to turn it into something fun and worthwhile for everyone involved.

Autograph expert Steve Grad recently posted a series of cards signed by Mark Hamill, and as you can see they're pretty darn funny:

Mark Hamill then talked to Buzzfeed and confirmed that these are totally real and discussed what made him start signing and captioning his Topps cards in such a unique and entertaining way. His reason why is pretty great and proves even further that he is an absolute gem of a man.

It's partially to keep himself entertained

There are so many fake autographs out there, but these ones are real.
I try to amuse myself because it gets mechanical. Sometimes it’s just out of boredom of signing ‘May the Force be with you,’ I would write, ‘Forcefully yours.’

But mostly for the fans

Most of these, I was asked specifically to be as irreverent as I could be.
That’s usually for older people, not kids. The number one priority for me is to make the fan happy. If it’s a 9-year-old boy who wants ‘May the Force be with you,’ that’s what he’s going to get.

He's had to become a lot more self-aware because of the Internet

The only one I balked on was the pot humor. You’re not always self-aware of yourself as a role model for children, so after the fact you think, ‘Oh, maybe that wasn’t such a good thing to sign.’ But this guy told me, ‘It’s for me, it’s for my private collection,’ so I said, ‘OK, but keep it to yourself.’ If people think I’m writing drug humor on an 8-year-old’s item, they’ve got me wrong.
Everything’s changed because of the internet. Social media has changed absolutely everything. Show business changes every day, and that’s just reflected in how long I’ve been around. Now, you have to really make sure, ‘Am I allowed to talk about this?’

Also that it was as much fun to make Star Wars as it was to watch them

I mean, can you imagine making a movie where you have a giant Wookiee flying a spaceship and Sir Alec Guinness is sitting next to you? We laughed all the time.
I was reminded, I saw a little clip of the documentary about the making of the movie, we were running up the ramp of the Millennium Falcon when Obi-Wan gets cut down.
It was towards the end of the shoot, it was summertime, and I had been there for months and months. And I was reminded of how much fun it was to be on set with all of those people: with Carrie, with Harrison, and with all of them.
We just laughed nonstop, but obviously you have to take it sincerely. You don’t send it up, you’re not in a Mel Brooks parody. But I just thought the more sincerely we play this, the funnier it is!

And most importantly, he loves his fans

The main thing is, don’t fear, I’m not going to write something inappropriate on your item and make you unhappy. I think people enjoy them, and they’re all in good fun.

Please don't ever change, Mark Hamill! Hey, if you want to send a few autographs over to the Moviepilot office it would make some people (including this MP staffer whose first celebrity crush you might have been) absolutely ecstatic.

(Source: Buzzfeed, Facebook)


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