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Okay, so before you start chucking icicles at me, just hear me out. I'm not a huge Frozen fan, but I did enjoy the movie. After watching and as the hype grew, I noticed a recurring theme: Almost everyone loves Elsa. I don't know if it's because she has ice powers or because she gets to belt out the biggest number in the film, but for some reason among little girls (and many adults) she overshadowed many of the other characters, her biggest competition being Olaf, a snow man.

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This was bothersome to me, not because I didn't like Elsa (or Olaf, for that matter) but I felt like my favorite character, Anna, was getting a bit pushed to the wayside, especially as she is, to me, the true hero of the story.

So this is for all the people like me (at least I'm hoping there are more people like me) who appreciate Elsa's younger sister, here are four reasons why I think she's better or makes a better hero than her powerful sister Note: This is all from the film. Nothing from the short film or Once Upon a Time is applied.

1. Personality

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This is one of those personal preference things. Everyone likes different personalities, but I find more optimistic and happy personalities much more refreshing. It seems that in today's world, a lost of characters are angsty or depressed in one way or the other. It's nice to see a bubbly character who actually goes through quite a bit of stuff come out just as happy as she did before. Even though she was somewhat naive in the beginning, she stayed a good character and developed well.

2. Bravery

While Elsa ran away at the first sign of trouble (I will credit part of her upbringing for affecting this decision) Anna faces her problems. She chases Elsa when she runs away, and she fights off wolves and snow monsters. I feel the movie makes running away look like an okay thing to do. After all, when Elsa runs away she sings her power ballad about letting things go, but instead of letting things go she simply builds herself an elaborate ice prison. Anna is a more courageous character, willing to rush into danger to help those she loves while Elsa thinks hiding is the true protection. Many acclaim Elsa as an independent woman who doesn't need a man, but she seems to be more of a frightened girl who is afraid to hurt someone else, not independent at all.

3. Unfailing Love

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Even when her sister rejected her multiple times, Anna always came back. For years she sat outside Elsa's door and asked to play with her or simply be there for her. When Elsa ran away she could have let someone else chase after her, instead she went herself and worked to convince her sister to come home. No matter what Elsa did (even sending a giant marshmallow snowman) she always loved her sister and put the thought of her first. Which is connected to my next point...

4. She Paid the Ultimate Price

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One of the best and most emotional moments of the film is when Anna chooses to protect her sister instead of be saved by Kristoff. In that moment alone she becomes the biggest hero of the story. After all, there is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend, and Anna gave it with little hesitation, proving the message of the film in a moment. To me, the message was less about being yourself, and more about the power of love, which Anna proved.

So those are the reasons I think Anna is more of a hero and a better character than Elsa. I think Elsa is a good character, but Anna deserves a little love since I think she's a much better role model and the best definition of a sister! Either way, the movie wouldn't work without either of its two sisters.

But that's just my opinion. Who do you think fulfills the role of hero better?


Anna or Elsa?


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