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If you're a Whovian, the months in between the time one season (or series) of Doctor Who ending and the next beginning is an agonizing wait. But if a troubling new rumor ends up being true, we may be waiting much, much longer than that.

British satirical magazine Private Eye (via Bleeding Cool) has weirdly become a fairly solid source regarding behind-the-scenes goings on for Doctor Who. And now, they're reporting that before the next season even starts, the series after that may already be in jeopardy.

According to the magazine, the problem stems from showrunner Steven Moffat's commitments to his other hit show, Sherlock, and an ongoing battle that he's been having with the BBC, which is pressuring him to step down as showrunner to let Doctor Who continue unhindered.

The rumor also goes on to say that we wouldn't be entirely without the Doctor in 2016, as the BBC would air a series of "specials" rather than a full series. If you remember, the same sort of deal happened toward the end of David Tennant's run, when the show was making the switch both to a new lead actor, companions, and the showrunning duties were being passed from Russell T. Davis to Moffat.

We survived then and we'll survive now if it does indeed happen, but still, it would be a shame. I can't say I'm not with BBC on this one - while I appreciated what Moffat's done with Doctor Who, I've been wanting a new showrunner and fresh eyes for a while now. What about you? Do you think it's Moffat's time to go or should he remain at the helm?


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